Decluttering And Organizing The Entrance

January is almost here and we are kicking off the New Year with a Declutter and Organizing Challenge! Each day of January there will be a new printable-one for each area we are going to tackle.

Are you ready to stop the cycle of organizing and re-organizing over and over again? Maybe you’ve tried something like this before, and it hasn’t really made a difference. One reason all your hard work may not be sticking for you is because you may be organizing clutter.

This New Year challenge will help you de-clutter your home first, and then organize-so you are putting away only those things you want to hold on to and those things will have space to be put away.

Ready to get started? Grab the free printable for our New Year Declutter and Organizing Challenge that will have every room in your home perfectly organized and help you to keep it that way.

declutter and organizing challenge - organizing the entrance
Organizing the entrance.

How To Organize The Entrance

First up, the entryway. We all know this is a hot spot for clutter and disorganization. It’s the first place you come to at the end of a long day and its where everyone dumps all of their things-coats, bags, keys, mail-you name it-it gets put in “the spot.”

  1. Start by clearing the area. Use a tote or large box to put everything into. If there are clothing items, place them where they belong.
  2. Dust and wipe down surface areas.
  3. Sort through the bin or box. Make a pile for (1) mail, (2) bills, (3) things that need responses, and a pile (4) to throw out, (5) recycle, or (6) rehome.
  4. If there is a table in your entryway choose an organizer like a mail caddy, where you can sort the mail piles you sorted. If there is no table, consider a hanging organizer.
  5. Create a space with hooks and baskets for coats and cold and inclement weather accessories. You may hang on the wall or use a standing coat tree.
  6. If there are drawers in your entryway table, and you don’t want hooks on the wall, designate one for small items and one for keys.
  7. To keep this area neat and organized, establish a day of the week to do a quick declutter and get everything back to where it belongs.

Grab today’s entryway de-clutter checklist and get ready to put an end to this clutter trap once and for all- Challenge starts January 1st!

Entryway Declutter - A Personal Organizer
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