Decluttering And Organizing The Home Office

You may be a little intimidated at the thought of decluttering and organizing your home office, I get it. Because our home offices are often huge multi-tasking rooms in our homes, they can become cluttered and disorganized very easily.

Help is on the way in the form of day seven’s challenge. If it seems impossible to tackle your office in one day, don’t worry, you can spread this task out into two days. It is more important to truly declutter and organize your space so that it functions the best way it can depending on what you need it to do. Once you declutter and organize deeply, your home office will work so much harder for you.

Let’s get started!

Decluttering and organizing challenge - the home office

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How To Organize The Home Office

  • First, begin by clearing the top of your desk. This will give you a visual clean slate and will also give you an area to sort on.
  • Next, empty your desk and cabinet drawers and sort your items into like piles. You will likely have piles of bills, house-related paperwork, insurance paperwork, and tax documents. Mixed in will also be office supplies, such as staplers, pens, tape, post-it notes, paper, files-you name it! Keep sorting until every drawer and cabinet are empty. If this is too much to tackle in one day, choose one area to sort at a time, but do not replace or organize anything until all the areas have been emptied out, decluttered, and sorted.
  • Once everything is empty wipe out drawers, cabinets, and surfaces.
  • Put anything that belongs in a different place where it belongs and get rid of anything that you are going to throw away. *If you are doing this task in two different days, this is a good place to stop.
  • Now, look at the piles  that you have and think of where you want each category to “live.” Organize the area you work in according to what you need to use most. Store things for occasional use on higher shelves or cabinets.
  • Once you have everything sorted, decluttered, and organized, remember to take time at the end of your day to reset your workspace so it is neat and orderly for the next day. There is nothing nicer than starting a workday in a fresh, clean, organized space!

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Home Office Declutter Checklist

Grab today’s Home Office Declutter Checklist and let’s get started!

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