Decluttering And Organizing The Master Bathroom

We are back in the master area again today-did you sleep well in your newly freshened master bedroom last night? Today we are organizing the master bathroom. If you don’t have a master bathroom, do this part of the challenge on your most used (or only) bathroom.

Bathroom declutter and organizing checklist

Let’s jump right in today and get started!

  • Set up a trash bag, a bin to catch anything that doesn’t belong here and clear your counters to use it as a staging place.
  • Empty out all of your drawers, clear off the shelves, and take everything out from under your sink cabinet.
  • Wipe all of your surfaces-selves, drawers, cabinets.
  • Start throwing out all of the things that you don’t use or are expired. Make-up that is more than 3-6 months old should be discarded. Get rid of anything with broken nozzles and one drop of liquid left in them.
  • Now, begin grouping your items: make-up and beauty items, appliances, first aid, etc. Use baskets and drawer separators where you can.
  • When you are finished decluttering and organizing, everything should have a home and your counters should be completely clear.
  • Now wipe your counters and your mirror and marvel at your clean and sparkling bathroom!
  • Establish a day of the week to review the space and maintain it clean and organized.
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Declutter And Organizing Bathroom Checklist

Bathroom Organizing Checklist - A Personal Organizer

Grab today’s Bathroom Declutter Checklist and let’s get started!

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