Bring All Of The Elements Of A Great Entryway Into A Narrow Area

Organizing a small entryway requires a lot of imagination!

Many homes and apartment units have really small and narrow entrances or a very small foyer with little to no storage. The problem with these areas of the home is that all of the things we bring in and out of our home with us every day, several times a day, end up living here!

It’s amazing what these little spaces can hold, but also it can be challenging to create organizing systems that both look nice and offer a lot of functions.

Organizing a Narrow Entryway

Even if you don’t struggle on a daily basis with a narrow entrance in your home, keeping this area organized is very important for many reasons, both for the practical side of life, but also for the psychological impact clutter has on us. This post will help you keep your entryway organized whether you have a small or large entry area.

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

During an ongoing project, I started searching for solutions to make life simpler while organizing a narrow entrance for my busy client and her children.

Here is a list of what we’d like to have in the “perfect” entrance:

  1. Great lighting – nothing worse than entering the home and it’s dark. When we open the door, we really want to be able to spot the space, and move around without bumping into things or each other.
  2. A landing space – at minimum a place to “land” the wallet, car keys, and your purse. Of course, if we can fit more, we will!
  3. A mirror, if possible.
  4. Hooks for jackets, coats, and hats.
  5. Bins for small items like gloves, scarves, and other accessories.
  6. A rug to keep dust to a minimum in your home.

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

Take a look at some of these great but narrow entrances and find some inspiration to make landing and taking off to and from daily life a feel-good experience in your own home!

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

 A very long and narrow entry accommodates a narrow bench and a mirror. The closet will hold all your seasonal items.

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

A long and narrow shelf with small drawers underneath was installed and serves as a console for arriving and placing your keys and wallet. This really keeps the entryway clean of clutter.

Organizing a Narrow Entryway – Get The Look

 An entrance without a closet can be very challenging but adding a bench and baskets will create the seating and storage for small items you need.

A coat hanger can be added for jackets, umbrellas, and other seasonal gear.


Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

A bright and clean narrow shelf serves as a console to the entrance and a small bench gives you a seat. Image


Beautiful wallpaper was used to create the mood in this entryway where the drawers under the seat and the shelf above it hold all you need for a perfect take-off!

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

Want a great way to create both sitting space and storage at the entryway: Bring in a bench with hidden storage!


These pastel knobs let you get creative with where you hang items and you can group them at different heights so even the littlest family members can stay organized!

Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

Here is a very creative way to bring storage into a narrow entryway for all that’s being used during different seasons.


Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

Again, creativity creates a unique entrance and a beautiful one! A bench, hooks, and under-the-bench basket storage give you all you need to give everything a place to be.


Organizing a Narrow Entrance – Get The Look

This is the mother of all entryways for a busy family! This super functional piece of furniture has all the room you need to keep the space clear of clutter and houses what you need when you need it.


With a few simple additions, such as benches, mirrors, hooks, shelves, and baskets you can create n organized narrow entryway in virtually any space that you have to work with.

Remember to try and make a home for those items you use every day and swap storage solutions out seasonally if you need more or less of a certain kind of storage.

Did you find these tips on organizing a narrow entry useful? What tips and examples will you use to organize your entryway? I’d love for you to share in the comments below!

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  1. Love the beautiful, clean photos, Helena. The entryways are very inviting and bright. So often they can become cluttered and unwelcoming with too much stuff. These are great examples that you shared to inspire that welcoming feel.

    1. Linda, thank you for your comment. I love entryways and the great feeling of being welcomed into the house and is one of my personal pet-peeves with my kids: shoes in the cubby, coat on the hanger! 🙂
      I had fun going through Pinterest and the web for examples and I’m so happy you like them!

    2. Thank you Linda! Glad you like them! I love entrances and take good care of them for my clients. I believe that “half the battle” is won here because if we have a landing pad the clutter won’t creep into the house. And because I follow Feng Shui and that’s the entrance of the Chi of the house! Verrrrryyyy important!

  2. I love the pictures that go along with this Helena, thanks! Makes me realize how badly I need to hire an interior designer. I am just not good at stuff like this . . . I have an odd shaped entryway at my front door, that no one ever really enters through, and I’ve been looking for a good way to decorate it for years. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Dear Jennifer.
      My spam checker is playing tricks on me and for some reason only today I saw your comment. So very sorry!
      I am happy you like the ideas and I hope it helps you get the house looking just like you want. Life gets so busy it’s easy to just “throw things down”, but with a little bit of time and patience any space can turn into and inviting, organized one.
      On note: according to Feng Shui the main entrance of the home is where the Chi comes in, bringing health, vitality and abundance. I always recommend taking a very careful look at entrances and keep them active by using them as much as possible.
      Hope this tip helps you get motivated to tackle it! Have a great weekend!

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  4. Hi Helena! The second picture depicts a narrow shelf with small drawers for key storage and whatnot beneath. Where can I buy this item?

  5. I am wondering the dimensions of the small white bench in the fourth image down? where can I buy it? Thanks!!

  6. MJ Hunter says:

    Can you please tell me where you bought these narrow benches?
    Thanks you!

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