The Home Binder For Home-Related Papers & Information

Welcome to Day 8 of the Declutter and Organizing Challenge. Today we are taking a break from physically organizing our spaces and focusing on a great way to keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.

So what are we doing today? We are creating a home binder that will focus on not only the maintenance of our physical spaces but also on our family life routines, organized access to vital information,  as well as meal planning.

Along with the above information, you’ll also want to keep a copy of important records like:

  • marriage or divorce decrees,
  • power of attorney information,
  • contact information,
  • credit card, and bank info,
  • doctor and
  • insurance information,
  • and schedules for each member of the family.

Organizing Your Documents & Information Will Make Life Simpler

Having crucial info for members of your family, schedules, important documents and routines all packed neatly together at your fingertips will make your life much simpler.

You can create your own home binder by gathering a three-ring binder and creating lists and calendars to suit your needs.

Don’t feel like creating forms, arranging lists, and putting all of this information together on your own? We have you covered.

The Home Binder & Family Planner

Our Home Binder & Family Planner has everything you need to manage your home and family with simplicity and ease!

We know how hard you are working to declutter and organize your entire home during this challenge and we want you to have all the tools you need to keep it that way!

The Life-Binder is much more than just a planner, it’s a purposeful life planner, one that creates a central place for everything you need to do for your family.

Home Binder Printables & Family Planner

Here’s some of the home management magic you’ll find inside:

  • An extensive family planner with the current year calendars (Daily, Monthly & Year)
  • A set of family routine planners
  • Meal planning printables
  • Kitchen organizing printables
  • Contact info printables
  • Kids, school, and sports printables

Find on these links more great tips on routines, planning, and scheduling!

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