Organizing the Foyer Closet

It’s a brand new year, I am back in wonderful San Diego after a beautiful time in Rio, and I’m going around the house with fresh eyes, cleaning the clutter.

After a full year in this house, I know what’s working and where there’s room for improvement.

I am very particular when it comes to our home entrance because I believe it sets the tone for the whole house. So I am starting this process with the entrance and organizing the foyer closet, which has been packed with items we used in our past homes, suitcases, and even sky boots (do you sky?!) but has never really been my best friend.

And, if you think children of organizers are well organized… you are in for a big surprise: they are NOT! And we all know how it goes: everybody comes home with a ton of stuff and then… drop it right there on your beautiful entryway.

It can be very frustrating to have the house organized just to have to keep picking up stuff all the time, but unfortunately, when you don’t have a system in place, that’s what will happen.

With that in mind, I started searching for inspiration and great finds online and, of course, on Pinterest.

Like our own entrance, this one doesn’t offer storage right by the door. But, it still has to provide all the essential elements we need to “land and take off”:

  • Good storage
  • A place to leave the car keys
  • Space to hang coats and jackets
  • Lighting
  • Seating

Here is an example of a very simple entryway setup, but with a lot of charm and function!

Just like I need in my own entryway where I don’t have a closet (it’s actually halfway through the house), this one offers hanging space for shoes as well as style And, the best of all, this one here is made with the super versatile and affordable items.

I also like how instead of benches, this family made use of cabinets with doors keeping all the clutter away in this entrance.

And, because every home is unique, I decided to build my own entrance and define what needs to get done and bought to finally get it done.

Here is the direction I am going with our entrance:

How do you organize your entrance to make daily life simpler? How do you keep the foyer closet organized?

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  1. I love my apartment, but there is absolutely no space in the entryway for any of these beautiful objects. Fortunately, when you step in, your eyes are automatically drawn to the big living room and the wonderful view through the living room window! I did recently clean out the front closet, however, and was amazed at the junk I’d allowed to accumulate in there. I moved stuff we’re not using but that’s not ours to get rid of to storage, gave some away, and placed a box on the shelf to contain gloves and other small items. Much happier now!

    1. Janet,

      I am also amazed by how clutter finds its way into our homes – even organizer’s homes! I spent last Saturday organizing my closet and took out 5 large trash bags of clothing, shoes and accessories. I was waiting to do it since we moved, but didn’t expect to have so much to de-clutter. On your entryway, do the most of your walls to have at least a rug, mirror and, a beautiful small chandelier to make a statement. Also, painting the inside of the closet and installing light makes a huge difference. Small spaces are challenging, but I’m happy you de-clutter the closet. Away with old energy!

      1. A rug is out of the question, but I can certainly hang a nice mirror or picture on the wall (I took one down to paint and never put it back) and replace the standard light fixture with one that’s more pleasing – thanks for the suggestions!

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