How To Create A Disaster Kit

Welcome to Day 25 of the Declutter and organizing Challenge! Today we are going to create a disaster kit.

Now, not everyone thinks of making a disaster kit, but trust me, as soon as you think you do not need one, it is exactly the moment you find out you do!

In the theme of organizing and having everything you need in easy to find places, a disaster kit is an important part of having your home and family protected in the case of an emergency.

When living in San Diego our family never had to evacuate due to fires but we were close to it several times, having loaded the car in case we were asked to leave.

Whether you live in an emergency prone area like California or on the coast (hurricanes and floods) or on a tornado corridor or not, you should have at least your important documents, valuables and a small survival kit ready to go.

A disaster kit is an important part of having your home and family protected in the case of an emergency. Here is what to include and how to create one!

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How To Create A Disaster Kit

Here are the items you should include in your disaster kit:

  • 3 day’s worth of water, which equals one gallon for each person for each day.  (3 day’s worth of non-perishable food (and a can opener)
  • Pet food for any pets, plus extra water for them
  • A radio or TV, don’t forget extra batteries
  • Flashlight with extra batteries. You may want to consider or a crank-style that does not require batteries
  • A basic First aid kit. Also, include a few day’s worths of any medications any family member needs to take on a daily basis.
  • Personal hygiene items including, but not limited to, baby wipes, diapers, toilet paper
  • Matches that are stored in a waterproof container
  • Cash
  • Photocopies of identification for each family member in the home
  • Your Important Documents Kit that you created on Day 19 should be handy
  • Basic camping gear, if you are required to evacuate your home
  • One of each of Special items that family members need for medical reasons
  • An extra set of clothes and shoes for everyone
  • Blankets, coats and additional cold-weather items

A great time to acquire these items is during end of season clear out sales. Add to your disaster kit when you can throughout the year.

Hopefully, you will never need o use your kit, but in the event you do, you and your family will be very thankful that you took the time to put it all together.

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