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Organizing your home for the life you want

If you weren’t “born organized,” don’t worry! You can learn organizing skills that will become part of your life with practice. I share tips and tools to inspire you to get started and organize your home from top to bottom!

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Hello! I’m Helena

Hi! I’m Helena, and I love making every house a home and keeping things simple. I favor quality over quantity, need silence to replenish, am a homebody, and see purpose in everything we do. I love cooking, gardening, decorating, hosting, teaching, and organizing everything along the way. I hope you feel welcome and find tips and tools to enjoy your life just as you want.

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Just getting started with your Cricut? Check our step-by-step guide!

I’m not a DIYer, and if I can create beautiful vinyl organizing labels for my home with my Cricut, so can you! Click below to get started and organize your home with your beautiful labels.

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Meal Planning & Routines

Creating routines and sticking to a meal plan are my not-so-secret powers. Routines give us the freedom to explore our talents and the opportunity to enjoy time, family, and friends.

Decorating your house to be your home

You don’t have to be an interior designer to create a home you love. I share the projects and ideas from the homes we lived in and enjoyed. As a military family, we moved across the country and worldwide, and I enjoyed every opportunity to make those houses a home.

Creating a Color Scheme For Your Home

Selecting a color scheme can be stressful. Here is how we made it fun, the colors we picked, how we decided and how they look in each room.

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Organizing for the holidays

Without organization, vacations and holidays can become overwhelming. Here are the best tips, checklists, and tools to organize for your favorite holiday and season!

Holiday Organizing Planners

for moms who want to enjoy the party

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Free Printables to Organize Your Home!

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