Creating And Organizing A Home Inventory

Here we are on day 26 of the declutter and organizing challenge! Today we are going to be focusing on protecting the valuables in our home by creating a Home Inventory binder that records all of your valuables and items in your homes for insurance purposes.

Should you ever have to deal with theft or a natural disaster, you will have a very detailed way to report what was lost, stolen, or damaged to your insurance company. To complete today’s challenge you will need a three-ring binder, some vellum envelopes, photo insert pages, and a camera, the one on your phone will work just fine.

How to Create A Home Inventory

Let’s get started!

You will want to repeat these steps for each room of your house.

  • First, take a picture of the room itself. Then, take a picture of each item that you would want to report to the insurance company if something happened. Don’t forget to take pictures of major appliances, furniture, artwork, special items of clothing, and anything else of monetary value.
  • To ensure you get everything, you can have someone go through the house with you and video each room. You will want the photos for the binder to submit to the insurance company, but the video is a nice back up to have in case something gets passed over by accident.
  • When you are finished photographing everything, download the images to your computer. Label each photo and put them all into a folder. Order a copy of each picture from your local print shop or pharmacy with photo services and pick them up tomorrow. Give the video or video files to a friend, neighbor, or family member to hold onto.
  • Take all of your pictures, label them, and group them together by room. Find any receipts, warranties, or appraisals and place them in one of the envelopes next to the photos.
  • When you are finished, put the binder in your safe. If it does not fit in your safe, give the binder to a friend or family member to keep in a safe place.

Doesn’t it feel good to know that your possessions are all accounted for in the event that you need to replace them?

Home Inventory Checklist

Grab your creating a Home Inventory Checklist and let’s get started!

30 days decluttering and organizing challenge

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