Decluttering And Organizing Your Computer

WOW. Day 18 already! Today we are going to take a break from scrubbing and cleaning and clean out and declutter your virtual space – your computer.

We’ve all been at the place where we let things get really out of order on our desk or laptops. And because we use our computers on a daily basis, we may not notice just how disorderly they have become until you need to find a specific file and spend time, a LOT of time searching for it. That’s why today we will grab our favorite drink, sit at the computer and tackle our digital clutter.

Doing this digital decluttering and organizing session will noticeably improve your productivity on your computer forever. Talk about great return over investment!

Today we are going to take a break from scrubbing and cleaning and clean out and declutter your virtual space - your computer.

How To Organize Your Computer

Let’s get after it!

  • Start by choosing a way to organize your folders that makes the most sense to you. A few options are to organize by subject matter, client, family member, activities, season- it’s really up to you as long as you have a system.
    • We like to organize our photos by Year > Month and we tag them with people’s names and also location.
    • For my business, I organize documents and images in two separate folders. On the document folder, I will have a sub-folder named Blog > Year > Blog Posts and on the images folder, I’ll have the same structure but only for the images.
  • Once you decided on a folder structure, create a master and subcategory folders for all of your files.
  • Start by cleaning up and giving a home to all loose and homeless files.
  • Next review the files you created and organize them. If you have the time, add tags to easily locate what you want on searches.
  • Now, head to the internet and repeat the same process and organize your bookmarks and reading lists that you have saved online.
  • Next is a big one: email. This can be a tremendous task, but once it is finished it makes a huge difference. Go through your email and delete read emails you don’t need anymore and then create organized folders.
  • Finally, make a list of all of your passwords and usernames for websites and profiles. You can do this on paper or digitally with a password app like LastPass.
  • How good does that feel? You will notice a big difference in the kind of time you spend at your computer now that it is decluttered and organized.

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