Loading the Dishwasher, Just to Unload It!


Loading the dishwasher it’s one of those “lovely”, daily chores.

You are starting to clean the kitchen from dinner and you realize the dishwasher needs to be emptied from the last run you did before you left home this morning. What a chore!

But, luckily there’s a simple way to make unloading your dishwasher easier, and while this tip won’t save you time right now, it will apply to every new load if you do it.




Like in every organizing project, the rule “group like items together” applies here.

When loading your dishwasher group the contents by type and size as you place them in the trays.



I always try to load glasses, bowls and mugs together so when unloading to store them in the cabinets I can do only one movement, from the dishwasher straight to the cabinets or drawers.



As I said, loading the dishwasher is one of those chores that just need to get done, but like everything else it can be simplified do be done faster.

I hope these simple tips help you make daily life simpler and complete those pesky chores faster!



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