If your house is more compact than spacious, you may find decorating small spaces for the holidays to be a challenge.

Last week, I shared some tips on how to decorate a narrow entryway for the holiday season, but you may still be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of making things festive throughout the rest of your house. Never fear.

Adding holiday cheer can still be fun and festive no matter how much room you have. Follow these tips for decorating your small spaces for the holidays, and you’ll soon find yourself ready for entertaining.



Go for Multi-Use Items

Your pocket-sized pad can accommodate both company and holiday decor if you just think outside the box.

Speaking of boxes, storage cubes serve as fantastic footstools or side tables while pulling double-duty for storing your seldom-used items. In fact, they’re great for storing your seasonal decor items.



Use neutral-colored cubes and add sparkly or winter-hued accent fabrics to the tops.

Other multi-use furnishings or decorating resources can include narrow consoles to place tablescapes, ladder bookshelves strung with lights to add ambiance and tiered cake holders as a surface for either holiday sweets or beautiful candles.

Anything you can think of to serve more than one purpose can assist in the fight to save valuable space.

Take It Easy on the Color Palette

It can be tempting to go crazy with the red and green at this time of the year. If those are your favorite colors, feel free to use them. However, it’s a good idea to consider limiting the tones and hues you choose.



Keep your palette to a minimum of two to three colors total, as adding a bunch can truly overwhelm the eye in a small space.

You can still choose cheery and bright colors if those are your favorite, but using them strategically will give you a more cohesive result.

Keep Things on the Up and Up

When you have a small space, using the overhead and highest areas of the room can be your best-decorating strategy.



Ribbons strung from the light fixtures, helium balloons on the ceiling or knick-knacks placed upon high shelves are all great ways to add visual interest while keeping premium floor space open. You don’t want guests bumping into or knocking over your decorations.



Make It Flow

A tight space containing large, tall objects can look and feel cramped. Instead of placing full-sized seating in your rooms for extra guests, consider using stools or ottomans. They take up less space and give your room a more open feeling. Keep this principle in mind when adding decor like a Christmas tree or wreath also.



Slim profile and compact greenery may fit your room’s proportions better without seeming disproportionate or obtrusive.

Keep these tips in mind when approaching holiday decorating for your small spaces. Even the tiniest of homes can embrace the spirit of the season. Have fun with it!

Tips for decorating small spaces for the holidays.

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