Successfully Hosting For The Holidays

Hold it together - Tips for hosting the holidays.

With as much holiday cheer as house guests can bring, hosting for the holidays can also be stressful. Plan well in advance this year so that it’s a happy holiday for all! Use these fool-proof measures to ensure a stress-free celebration in your home.

Advance Preparations

Of course you probably already have your full, deep cleaning routine down pat. But inevitably, with the influx of people, messes will be made no matter how thoroughly you prepare.

To avoid feeling like you are getting bogged down by cleaning, make sure you have a space set out where your guests can make themselves feel at home.

Whether it is a spare bedroom, pull out sofa or futon, or basement, clearly delineate which spaces are communal and which ones your guests can settle into. This will help your guests feel welcome while giving you the space you need to maintain your sanity.

If you live in a smaller space, invest in an air mattress or check out for ideas and designs that work to maximize your space to its fullest potential.

Stock Up

Prepare your household by stocking your bathroom with extra toiletries, your pantry with snacks, and filling up your refrigerator and freezer with the basics.

Have plenty of backup on hand, as oftentimes, your guests may have forgotten their own essentials.

Go the extra mile and have a neat and tidy toiletry bag awaiting your guests. Also, don’t forget breakfast items like coffee, tea, cereal, and milk.

Make sure your guests are made aware of where these things are in case they happen to rise earlier than you.

Know Your Guests

Along with the increased foot traffic in your home and maybe even some extra pets, ensure you’ve taken the proper steps to have your house sprayed for unwanted pests.

An extra visit from your pest control company will do the trick and this will give you peace of mind, while also ensuring your guests get lots of undisturbed sleep.

Comfort Is King

Above all else, as a gracious host, make sure your guests are comfortable. Think about temperature conditions in your home. If it is seasonably chilly, provide your guests with extra blankets and turn up your thermostat.

If you live in a place that is warm, make sure that you provide cooling options like A/C, or a fan and plenty of water. Little touches like this make your guests feel at ease in their unfamiliar surroundings.

Offer entertainment by having plenty of magazines, books, and television on hand and within your guests’ specific quarters.

Visitors understand that you cannot be with them at all moments of the day and when you provide them with opportunities for quiet leisure, you are letting them know that you care even if you cannot be around at the moment.

Taking these few preparatory measures when planning for overnight guests will take the stress out of the holidays. After all, the occasion is designed to bring people together in the joyous spirit of the season.



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