Feng Shui Cures For Fall

Today, we’re delving deep into the heart of Fall, exploring the ancient art of Feng Shui and its connection to the Metal Element.

As busy parents, creating a home that resonates with warmth and tranquility is essential. In this post, Gwynne Warner unravels the secrets of Feng Shui, offering you practical tips and creative ideas to infuse your living space with the serene energy of Fall.

Embark on this journey of transformation, where ancient wisdom meets modern living, ensuring your home reflects not just your style but your soul. Let’s usher in the season with balance, harmony, and a touch of autumnal magic.

The Best Lifestyle Choices To Support You This Autumn

Nature is once again turning, and with it, our own internal energies. Just as the trees are dropping their saffron and cinnabar-colored leaves, we too can “drop” what blocks our life-force obstacles, heaviness, mindsets, habits, or relationships that no longer serve us.

Autumn is a yin season, bringing a time of dwindling light, a melancholy mood, self-reflection on the impermanent nature of our lives, and the beginning of inward contraction. Because the yang energies are weakening and the chi is now more yin in nature, it’s the perfect time to slow down and gather your energies.

This season is governed by the Metal Element, a cold and contracting movement associated with creativity, communication, inspiration, and symbols. It’s associated with the emotion of grief and the virtue of selflessness.

When your Metal element is balanced within you speak up and take action for justice and ethics; are surrounded by benefactors and Helpful People; have strong boundaries and keep agreements; things are orderly and organized; projects are completed on time; and have the ability to let go, flow with change and release what no longer serves.

When your Metal element is unbalanced within, you can be sad or full of regret, lack creativity, be busy for busy’s sake, feel nervous exhaustion, be disorganized, feel isolated, have scattered thinking or mental dullness, and can be judgmental, self-righteous, emotionally cold, stingy, critical or try to “punish” others.

Lifestyle choices to support you in Autumn:

  • Put attention on organizing your finances, budgets, goals, and calendars.
  • Finish incomplete projects, sort out your affairs, and get things done. But don’t overwork!
  • Get more sleep by going to bed earlier.
  • See your acupuncturist and qi gong teacher for support for your lungs and large intestines. Practice deep breathing meditations to strengthen your lungs.
  • Eat warm, cooked foods.
  • Let go of what’s no longer needed (on all levels), such as old ideas, habits, beliefs, and attachments.
  • Soak in warm mineral springs and drink mineral waters.
  • Do acts of loving kindness for loved ones and strangers for the virtue of selflessness.
  • Make time for self-reflection.

Feng Shui Cures To Support You This Autumn

In Feng Shui, we find the Metal Element housed in two areas of the Bagua.

The “Dui” or children and creativity area (in the far center right area of your home, business, desk, or any room) represent children, joy, completion of projects, communication, symbols, creativity, and inspiration.

Also, in the “Chien” gua, which governs benefactors, heavenly help, helpful people, and travel. This is in the far lower right area of your home, business, desk, or any room.

To enhance your creativity and communication, help finish projects, and welcome benefactors and travel, you can:

  • If you need MORE metal, nourish by adding more Earth (wear yellow or gold, for example)
  • If you need LESS metal, restrain with Fire (lighting candles, having fires, wearing red, etc.)
  • Hang metal wind chimes outside on the eaves or inside your space and ring manually 9 times, ringing out your prayers and wishes for 9 consecutive days.
  • Use a water fountain with floating bells.
  • Decorate with white or metallic paint and metallic, reflective, or round décor (see my Pinterest board for ideas!)
  • Wear white and metallics together; metallic jewelry; polka dots; elegant fabrics such as cashmere, silk, or lace; or highly polished, beautiful, and designer styles.
  • Keep a brass bell on the creative area of your desk and ring it vigorously and joyfully when you need an energetic boost, a creative idea, or help to stay on track.
  • Carry metal amulets in your purse or pocket.
  • Sprinkle Chinese Feng Shui coins liberally throughout your home and business (if you order these from me, you’ll receive tens of ways to use these)
  • Use reflective, metallic, round gazing balls in a meandering path up to your front door OR place them in your garden’s Children/Creativity and/or Helpful People/Travel areas.

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