Downsizing: Small Space Living

The old adage that less is more certainly applies to downsizing your home. If you are in a situation where your children are all out of the nest and a big empty house no longer suits you, then downsizing may be the answer.



The Upside of Downsizing to a Smaller Space

There are many benefits to downsizing. It may seem like a big adjustment at first, but downsizing can make you a much happier person.

Your Long Term Finances

Think about your financial situation. Maintaining a larger home may not be in your best interest any longer.

Downsizing will lower your utility bills due to less square footage requiring heat and electricity. If you move into a condominium, you will not have to worry about paying for snow plowing or lawn services. You’ll never have to worry about repairing things like leaky roofs again.




Less Cleaning

Lower your cleaning commitment. There is much less cleaning to be done in a smaller home. If you do not need the extra space, why spend time and money cleaning a larger home when you can downsize.




Time Saving

Save time! Once you have successfully downsized, there is a great deal more time available throughout your day for activities that you enjoy. Less maintenance, less cleaning and fewer repairs all equate to more time for enjoyable activities.




Money Saving

You’ll save money. By saving money from eliminating some maintenance services as well as cleaning supplies, utilities and requiring less home décor, you will have more money to spend on your hobbies, paying off debt or saving for retirement.




Less Stress

Reduce stress in your life. When you own a large home, you often worry about the backyard, curb appeal, the pool, raking leaves, shoveling snow, making repairs and keeping up in general. How many weekends have you spent on house projects? When you downsize, you open up a new avenue for fun and relaxation. All that time you spend cleaning and maintaining is now time you can spend golfing, going to the beach, walking and spending time with friends.




While having a big beautiful home is a dream, if you’re looking to save time and money downsizing may be right for you.


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