This week we are going to focus on organizing the entryway and creating a space to take off and land each day.

Your entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home. In addition to being the front piece of your house, it is also the main jump-off and landing spot for you and your family.

organizing the entryway

Your entryway plays many roles each day, for you and every member of your family.

As you leave and return from work and school, after school activities, errands, and outings, it has to give you a place for everything you need. Because this area of your home needs to work so hard, you must have a way to keep it all organized and working hard for everyone.

To accomplish that, we are going to look at the different ways that you can keep your entryway organized to get the maximum function out of it, no matter how big or small it is. Next, we will take a deep organizing dive into a specific part of your entryway, your front closet.

Let’s get started organizing your entryway!

As always, begin this organizing project by taking everything out of your entryway. Next, sort through what you need to have there for your every day, as well as your kids’ and partner’s daily landing and launching needs.

No matter the size of your entryway, there are some key components that we think every great entryway has.

Here’s our list of entryway heavy-hitters.

  1. Great lighting really is vital to bring your entire home to life, and in your entryway, this is just as important. If you don’t have built-in spots that get the job done, consider adding pop-up lighting for this space.
  2. An entryway rug does more than just add a beautiful design to your entryway, it helps keep dust at bay. Adding a rug to your entryway will cut down on the dust we track from outside, and that accumulates in your home.
  3. Having hooks and bins to hang bags, coats, and accessories are crucial to maintaining an organized entryway. If you are blessed with a roomy entryway closet, many of these things can be kept inside of it. But, it is still nice to have some hooks and a bin or basket for a quick place to drop stuff before they get fully put in their homes.

In the big picture, your entryway is in itself a landing space for your home. We need to consider what we need this space to do for us. We need a place to drop keys, wallets, purses, mail, and shopping bags.

organizing the entryway checklist

Now let’s look at some ideas to organize a narrow entryway or a small space.

Smaller entryways or foyers may lack built-in storage you need to stay organized, such as closets and shelving. The good news is that all you need is a little creativity and you can create the storage you need. Here are our best tips for organizing a small entryway.

  • Add a bench and a mirror. If your space allows, adding a seat and mirror can give you a lot of bang for your buck. By combining these items, you have a place to check if everything is in place before you leave for the day,
  • Bring in bins and baskets. If space allows, you can add a bench as we mentioned above and choose bins that slide nicely underneath. Entryway baskets are excellent for storing hats, gloves, and scarves, shoes, and other accessories.
  • Add a standing coat hanger or wall-mounted hooks. These can be used for bags, coats, umbrellas, and other things that work better when hung rather than in a basket or bin.
  • If you don’t have the real estate for a table in your entryway, consider a wall-mounted shelf. A floating or mounted shelf will give you a place to store your keys and wallet.
  • Use the back of a door nearby to create storage for everything you need.

PRO TIP! Be sure to make a home in your entryway for items that you use every day. This way you can easily store them neatly and always know where they are when you need to grab them each day.

Now that we have looked at some of the best ways to created beautifully organized functions in your entryway let’s look more specifically at your front or entryway closet. If you don’t have a front closet, apply these organizing ideas for the closet where you keep items like coats, bags, sports equipment, umbrellas, boots, and shoes.

Organizing The Front Closet

  • First, we’ll begin as we always do when decluttering and organizing, by removing everything from the closet – coats, gear, shoes, scarves, gloves, bags. When you are decluttering, it is essential to completely clear your space so you can later be intentional with what you put back.
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor of the closet and wipe down any shelving. Tip: I like to keep my vacuum cleaner ready to use when I’m doing an organizing project. This way, it’s easy to give those areas a good cleaning while I already have everything pulled out.
  • Time to sort! Next, go through what you removed and see what belongs in here and what can be rehomed to another area. To help you decide, think of how often each item is used. If the answer is not that often, maybe it doesn’t need to be taking up space in the front closet.
  • Now you’ll want to think of the best way to utilize the space you have in there. Invest in some quality wooden hangers for coats, and see where you can use baskets or hooks for additional storage options. Add your items back into the closet.
  • Next, hang coats, put small accessories in baskets on shelves or on the floor of the closet, and neatly hang bags from hooks.
  • Finally, to keep your front closet beautiful and functional, mark your calendar for a date when you will clear it out each season. If you do this a few times a year, like every changing season, it will keep this area in a prime organized condition.

Wrapping up

By this time, your entryway should be looking and feeling fabulous. You will love the way it feels to be sent off and greeted after a long day by such a streamlined and organized space.
Do you know what else you will love? The extra time you now have because you are not running around looking for kids’ backpacks, car keys, and wallets at the last minute as you are trying to leave the house.

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organizing the entryway

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