Set your mind to be organized and change your daily life from chaotic to streamlined.

Have you ever noticed how organized people tend to have a way of doing things that seem to flow and a solution for every storage problem? Their lists and spreadsheets may seem like overkill, but these things can be helpful tools for living a streamlined life.

Being organized might seem like a series of habits, but honestly, it is more of a mindset than an activity. Getting started and setting up new routines and systems does take some time and commitment, but it is worth it. Living your daily life in an organized way pays off in every area of your life.

Being Organized is a Mindset: Get into an organized mindset and improve your life in major ways. How to plan and execute an organization routine that you can stick to.
Get into an organized mindset and improve your life in major ways.

Being organized starts with your thinking and shows itself in your actions

Here’s why:

Our brains are designed to solve problems. Generally speaking, overwhelm happens when we can’t seem to solve a problem or aren’t taking action to do the things that solve a problem. These are not action issues. They are mindset issues. However, we are thinking, our actions usually follow.

This is why people can go back and forth with their behavior. Sometimes their minds are set towards success, and sometimes they aren’t.

Being organized starts in the mind long before it comes to fruition in your closet, your kitchen, or your pantry.

The desire to be more organized or solve order problems in your home or your routines starts in your thoughts and ends with actions like sorting through your belongings and finding a home for everything you own.

So, how do you shift your way of thinking towards being more organized?

Here’s how:

Come to the realization and make the decision that being organized is a solution to many of your problems.

By living in an organized way, you can significantly improve your levels of stress, lateness, and forgetfulness. Decide that being in command and control of your home, your family’s schedule, your business, or anything that is in a state of disorganization is a solution. Getting organized is a good thing!

Decluttering and organizing your home and routines and staying that way is worth the effort and completely doable.

Some of the results of being more organized are:

1. Increased pride in your home and family

Imagine not batting an eye when a guest unexpectedly pops in for a visit. When you live an organized life, you won’t worry about welcoming guests into your space.

2. Decreased anxiety and stress

When your daily life is organized and follows a routine, you will be instantly more at ease as you move through your day and complete tasks.

3. A peaceful home and restful down-time

When everything is easily cleaned up at the end of the day, you have more time to hang out with your friends and family without having the stress of house tasks hanging over your head.

4. Opportunities to be creative

When you are living an organized life, you will have more hours in each day where you can have time to be creative and work on projects and hobbies.

5. Better health

There is much research on the ways that disorganization and clutter can lead to stress and other health issues. Once you start living an organized life, you will also be moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

6. Disciplined kids ready for the world

Children learn by example. By creating good organizing habits for yourself and in your home, you will help your children to learn to appreciate being organized and help them learn how to start living an organized life from a young age.


Once you decide to be more organized, you have already taken the first step in this rewarding process. Committing to doing the work to streamline, declutter, and carry out the tasks needed to be organized and stay organized is very important to making your change from disorganized to organized a success.

Making the commitment in your mind to a lifestyle of cleanliness, order, and peace will help you take action when you may be too tired or want to let things go. Once you see the results in your home, your work, and your family life, you will be inspired to stick to your newly organized habits.

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