Letting go of Perfection, Finding Freedom

My husband was working with our son on his math homework. They were working on graphing an equation for a straight line when I heard my husband say, “All curves are lines and straight lines are special curves. But in nature, there are no straight lines.”

I’m not a math expert, and that thought intrigued me.

I explain straight lines are curves like this: we are constantly looking for an ideal, for perfection, but our reality and the world around us are always reminding us that there is no such thing as perfection.

Still, you may feel you’re in a rat race for success, be it for yourself or your children, for the best grades, jobs, homes, gadgets and so on.

letting go

This notion of perfectionism has been pushed into our lives through glossy magazines, the media and so many around us with demands that end up affecting our sense of balance and our understanding of what we need.

Instead of being an uplifting experience, this constant search can take you on a downhill journey that ends up affecting your ability to find happiness and contentment in the simple things that life offers you at every step. The search for perfection can consume your whole existence in no time.

In my quest for a simpler life, that’s also rich and fulfilling; I have found ways that have helped me appreciate and redesign my imperfect and curvy life to enhance the simplicity in living.

Accepting and understanding the uniqueness of things and people

Isn’t it interesting how much in nature, like the beautiful sceneries, are curvaceous with flowing lines? The flowing clouds, the waves falling on the edge of a beach, rolling green hills and so on.

Similarly, people throughout the world come in an assortment of sizes and colors, distinguished by the lines of their face, the characteristics of their behavior and approaches to life.

We all are unique, having our flawed natures that we must make peace with to accept and appreciate, to understand our real contribution to the world.

By embracing my uniqueness, being more of who I am, I found it easier to lead a simpler and yet rewarding life far away from the humdrum of an endless race towards perfection.

Cultivating love for oneself and others

We can’t give what we don’t have, and this makes the practice of self-love and self-care the basis of a life you can be proud of and happy with. By cultivating self-love and accepting your strengths and flaws as a human being, you can enjoy your journey while creating a life that is inclusive and nurturing.

What may seem to others as egotistic, is an act of love, because the moment we start “paying ourselves first”, it’s the moment we’re able to give more, be more present and fully available to those around us.

It’s quite surprising how this simple shift will allow me to find more contentment in life while creating an environment that reflects my values and my personal riches.

What areas of your life could benefit from more care and attention? How can you better care for yourself?

De-cluttering life, keeping an eye of what’s need and of what’s want

I have found that simplifying life is essential to eliminate the feelings of lack and inadequacy that often accompanies the struggle for perfection.

It may seem contradictory but letting go of excess and de-cluttering my life have been the very tools I found to experience a richer life, with more room for growth, relationships, and experiences.

What can you let go – from relationships to commitments and material possessions – to create more room for yourself today?

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