Enjoying Your Guests

Overnight guests can be a source of great stress for most hosts. In fact, you may be unable to enjoy spending time with your friends and family because you’re running around to ensure everything’s going well.

The key to enjoying your guests is to prepare ahead of time. This overnight guest printable will let you plan what you must do to work up to each visit.

Here’s what you must do to prepare for your overnight guests.

preparing your home for guests

Prepare Your Home

Start with the rooms in which your guests will be spending the most time: the guest room or house, the guest bathroom, and common rooms like the living room and dining room. Now isn’t the time to reorganize your entire home or clean each room from top to bottom. If you’re short on time, place clutter in boxes or bins and store them in a closet or garage.

Guest Bedroom

Dust, vacuum, and wipe down horizontal spaces like baseboards and windowsills. Try to provide as much space as possible for them to spread out and make themselves comfortable. Place an over-the-door hanger on the bedroom door for purses, clothing, or toiletry holders.

Change the sheets and make the bed. Place four comfortable pillows on top — two firm and two soft. Add throw pillows for extra support and color. Layout a season-appropriate comforter as well as a lightweight blanket.

Guest Bathroom

Next, tackle the guest bathroom. Remove personal items from the bathroom counter. Stock it with easy-to-find cotton towels — include two large towels, a face towel, and a washcloth. Add a few basic toiletries like toothpaste, nice soap, and a bottle of lotion.

Living Room

Provide ample seating in the living room — where you’ll be spending the most time together. Throw pillows, blankets, and a few magazines will provide a homey place for your guests to spend a quiet moment or occupy themselves while you’re busy with other matters.

Put all the remotes in a basket and place a small card with instructions in clear view. This will help guests use your TV, DVR, and stereo without having to ask you for help. Finally, provide simple necessities. Place a few bottles of water and some snacks, like peanuts and granola bars, along with a side table so your guests can quickly access refreshments after a long day.

For more tips, including how to prepare to feed your guests, read Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Guests.

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