Organizing Products & Great Gift Ideas

Last year I published a Holiday Gift Ideas post with organizing products and it was a great opportunity to help you have some original – and not clutter-making! – gift ideas.

Now, a full year later here we are with great (useful) gift ideas for you to cross all the names on your lists!

Today I’m sharing 2 great organizing products that can be great gifts for the holidays.

Because it’s easier to do this in an organized way (hum hum), download here your holiday organizing printable to get started!

Organizing Products That Make Great Gifts
Organizing Products That Make Great Gifts

My very favorites of this “organizing” season!

1. Pliio

Co-created by professional organizer Clare Kumar, this ingenious organizing tool will revolutionize how you organize your closet, drawers, purse -think scarves- and my very favorite use, your packing for a trip!

You can learn more about Clare on her (super cute and organized!) website:

And, if you like Pliio, what about giving your loved ones a set -or two- with a gift certificate to work with a professional organizer to get their closet all organized?


An absolute must-have for well-organized drawers (and suitcases!) and for easy access to all your items.

We end up using only the very first shirts of our piles, but with Pliio you’ll be able to easily visualize what you have and start using everything. It will feel like Christmas all over again! 😉


Even dad will enjoy packing for a trip!

Maximize all the space in your suitcase, keep all items neatly organized and make packing a breeze by using Pliio.

With Pliio you go from piles to files!

You can find Pliio on BedBath&Beyond.

2.Lay ‘N Go

How come when my ones were small and the house was covered in Legos I didn’t think of it?

This genius mom created Lay ‘N Go as an indoor solution for her husband’s and 3 sons love for Legos. The line has grown and includes Lay ‘N Go for moms and dads too. I love Cosmo gold version! 🙂

Lay ‘N Go

Keep your Legos and many other tiny little creatures contained with this ingenious organizing tool.

If grandma has plans of adding to the kids’ toy collection maybe she could include this one in her kit. Hint, hint!