Welcome to our holiday gift guide for the neat freak on your list. To inspire you even further, I paired the organizing gift ideas with some fun and fashionable items to go with them.

Once everything is decluttered and freshly organized, it will be a treat to accessorize and add a new touch to these areas. Shop our holiday gift guide for the pro organizer in your life and score the title of the best gift giver this season.

In The Kitchen

Food Prep & Storage

Do you know someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen baking and cooking? Whether you want to plan your meals and have it all prepped ahead of time or save some leftover turkey these products will help you get started and stay organized. An organized kitchen will save time and make cooking so much more enjoyable. Kitchen items are definitely a hit on this gift guide.

The Coffee & Tea Lover

Are you a coffee or a tea person? Maybe you know someone who is both. These gifts will delight anyone who loves cozying up to a warm beverage in the winter months.

Hygee, a Danish term for all things cozy and content is all of the rage these days and what better way to enjoy the simple things in life than by slowing down with a warm mug of coffee or tea.

These make a perfect gift for the chilly Winter holiday.

In The Bathroom

Hairstyling Organizing Station

It’s so easy for this area to become a hot mess if we don’t have an organizing system in place. These organizing products will make your hairstyling area so much more organized, and they will save you time.

Whether you are heading to work int he morning or you are getting ready for a night out, these products will make getting ready a breeze.

In The Closet

Preserving And Organizing Coats

In the colder months, it’s important to keep in mind how we are taking care of all of our coats and sweaters.

These items need a bit of special care to keep them in top shape. And because Winter items and outerwear can be a bit of an investment, buying quality hangers, cedar hangers, and other chilly clothing care items are well worth the purchase.

Caring & Storing For Boots

Great boots can also be an investment. To keep their boots in great shape for years to come it makes sense to take extra care to how we store boots when they aren’t being worn. Boot care tip: Avoid “broken” ankle marks on your boots with boot shapers or by hanging them with the appropriate boot hanger.

Have too many boots? While I wouldn’t call this a problem, or rather the kind of problem we might like to have, check out the amazing shoe storage by Elfa for the Imelda Marcos in your life. With 1,200 pairs of shoes, she definitely could have used this.

Preserving And Organizing Handbags & Clutches

Just like your coats and boots, your handbags can be quite an investment but with proper care, they can last and be wonderful parts of your wardrobe for many years.

Have a friend with a passion for her luxury handbags? She will love the handbag rain cover!

See those quilted pillows below? They are the perfect handbag filler and will keep their shape as they will sit tall – no more marks on your beautiful bag!

Great Organizing Books

The Perfect Gift

No matter what kind of organizing lover you have on your list, there is something for everyone here.

Your favorite organizer may get many gifts, but you know they will really appreciate that you have taken the time to buy them a thoughtful gift that speaks to their love of all things organizing and orderly!

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