Organizing the Season With the Christmas Planner

The holidays are a wonderful season that most of us look forward to. From friends and family to cookies and ham, there’s so much goodness to enjoy. However, it can become an overwhelming time with so many things to get done, so many details to check off our lists, that some of us start to forget the reason we started doing things.

Personally, this is a time I cherish spending with my children and my husband. Christmas in the US grew on me, and now the US is where I want to be to celebrate it. I want to be home, enjoying my family, spending time together, and creating memories. How do you like to celebrate it?

A simple way to enjoy the season, and skip the overwhelm, is to write down what needs to get done, and for all the planning that goes into the holidays, here is the Christmas season.

Whether your family decides to go big or small these holidays, let’s remember to connect with those we love, to bake the yummy things we like and share them, to help a family in need, to provide for those who can’t do it for themselves right now.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and the most loving holiday season!

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