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Organizing a Homework Station in Your Home Office

Creating an inviting environment for studying can certainly help our kids develop the habit of sitting down to study and do homework. We don’t have to create amazing spaces, only an organized and calm homework station that helps our little ones focus and stay organized. Using some office organization ideas from a grown-up space can help us find the basic elements to create their study area.

Start with a good desk area facing outwards, I mean not facing a wall. Add a comfortable chair and the first layer is in place. Consider a great source of lighting and electrical outlets when deciding on where to position your desk.

You child will need storage for office supplies, books, notebooks, files, and folders. You can add a mobile drawer unit or use one as the base for the desk. Adding shelves to the walls will increase greatly the storage area and will free up the desktop area for work on larger projects or to place a computer.

Organizing the office/study area is a project you’ll want to bring your children in and let them decide which colors, materials, and accessories to use. My kiddos would “kill me” if I set up a study area with bright colors for them, for example. Too girly they’d say! LOL

Some children thrive studying using balls instead of chairs, having music instead of silence and needing constant breaks (like every 15-30 min) requiring a great timer. Allow your children to explore and find out what works best for them and wait to see if it’s helping them. Read these great student organizing tips from professional organizer Leslie Josel who specializes in students and ADD/ADHD.

If you’d like to learn more she has a great teleclass packed with tips on homework, organizing students that I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

Here are some office organization ideas to help you get started in setting up a homework area!

Home office organization ideas
Creating a study area for the kids.

1. Bungee Office Chair 2. Elfa Home Office Shelving 3. Stockholm Paper Drawers

4.Stockholm Stacking Letter Tray  5.Stockholm Divided Pencil Cup  6.CableDrop^

7.CableBox^ with Power Strip   8. Component Desk  9. File Cabinet


1. Mini Dry Erase Board 2. Zig-Zag Cork Board  3. Magnetic Mesh Bin

4. Owl Magnets  5. Just Be Magnets 6. Office Shelving 7. Magnetic Monthly Planner

Do your kids have a study area? Have these office organization ideas helped you? Please, share your comments and ideas below.

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