Feng Shui Tips for Spring

Here are some simple Feng Shui guidelines to help you create a healing and rejuvenating garden, whether you have a small patio or a large piece of land.

Feng Shui Your Garden: Create a healing and rejuvenating garden with Gwynne Warner's great tips!

Remove the stagnant and dying chi by getting rid of dead leaves, grass clippings, undergrowth and overgrowth, trash, pet waste, weeds, fallen branches, overgrown grass, dead blossoms, dead plants, stagnant water (in hot tubs, water fountains). Trim tree boughs so they don’t touch the house or obstruct windows.

Increase movement in your garden by using prayer flags, banners, whirligigs, pinwheels, running water and wind chimes.

Invite living chi by offering food to the birds, butterflies, squirrels, hummingbirds and bats.

Use light adjustments such as mirrors behind plants and beneath water; placing colored glass gazing balls in plants; hanging Swarovski colored and clear crystal spheres in trees; using electric lighting for illuminating, spot lighting or creating silhouettes of statues and trees at night; hanging fairy lights, solar lamps or candle lanterns; lighting fires in pits or bowls; using votives to line paths and steps.

Use a sound adjustment with water featurestemple bells or wind chimes.

Use a fragrance adjustment with burning incense or aromatherapy candles; fragrant herbs, plants, and flowers.

Balance the Yin + Yang of your garden (light, dark; hard, soft; etc.).

Use all Five Elements of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal.

Make sure all systems are working perfectly: drainage, watering, irrigation, sewer, etc.

Check out Gwynne’s Pinterest boards for some inspirations!

How are you taking care of your garden? Can you apply any of the feng shui adjustments to make it even more special? We would love to see pictures! Send them our way.


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