Under the Sink Kitchen Cabinet Organizing

Do you struggle to make the most of the space under your kitchen sink? Is it a collection of cleaning product, old rags and tons of plastic bags? I know, I know.

This can be such a tricky space to organize depending on your pipes and installed equipment, so let me show you the gadgets you can use for kitchen cabinet organizing and with the video, you can have ideas on how to make the most of this precious real estate!


First things first, so let’s assess the space you have in the cabinet under your sink and then see what tools we can use.

4 Simple Steps to get it organized

1 – Measure the space and mark where the pipes are installed.

If they’re way in the back or in one of the sides of the cabinet you’re in good luck because now you can make use of the space around it.

2. Determine what items you’d like to have in the space.

In my case, for example, I like to keep the cleaning supplies for daily use, like my favorite Mrs.Meyer’s Cleaning Day all-purpose cleaner, wipes, stainless steel appliance cleaner and the cleaning cloth I use with them. I also keep my trash bags, dustpan, fire extinguisher, and plastic bags.

3. Shop for organizing tools

Look for those that will help you make the most of your space and provide you the best storage possible to your needs. See below a great list of items that can be used to increase storage space.

4. Install your gadgets

Give priority to your most needed items. I like to have the cleaning products handy because I don’t like cleaning. Keeping them right there where I need them makes it easier for me to clean the kitchen after every meal.

Recommended Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Gadgets

Go Vertical:

Usually, the area under the sink offers height but no shelf. So, if you have space make sure you install a shelf riser to create more storage surface, where you can then bring bins and containers.

Or if you have just a narrow space on one side of the cabinet, this is another great option for under the sink cabinets.

Keep it Clean:

Using plastic bins will ensure it will be easier for you to keep them clean. This is a busy area and you’ll be reaching for the cleaning products daily, trash bags, and dustpan, etc. Make sure it’s simple to keep it clean. These plastic bins can go from the office to the freezer and fridge!

Light it up:

Installing small lighting in this area can be a great addition for when you are looking for something.

For dark, hard to reach areas use a battery operated spotlight, that you’ll turn on and off as you need.

Tame the Bags:

Plastic bags – if you’re still using them, they can become a jumbled mess. I simply wrap mine, one by one, around my fingers and they come out neatly folded, ready to be stored.
When I need one, I pull it out of this great plastic bag container.

Keep it safe:

Keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen and check they yearly.

Now, enjoy the video!


I hope you found this post on kitchen cabinet organizing useful and I invite you to share with friends, post on your Facebook page and of course, leave your comments!



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