3 Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Today I’ll share some home office organization tips to help you create a working space you love and adore. A home office shouldn’t be a place where stress and worry reside amid an ever-growing pile of papers and here are my tips to help you get started.

Many of us experience more anxiety when our homes are unorganized or cluttered. Plus, it’s more important than ever in our technology-driven world to keep both physical and digital files organized to avoid costly mistakes.

Did you know that 23 percent of American adults have paid bills late after losing them? Take this messy matter into your own hands by adequately filing your home office documents once and for all.


There’s a reason we didn’t abandon filing cabinets back in the ’90s. These sturdy storage spaces require little space and can be locked to ensure your documents stay safe.

Some filing cabinets are also fireproof, making them ideal for storing essential documents like birth certificates, passports, and mortgage statements.

The size of a filing cabinet will depend on the number of documents you need to file; however, choosing two smaller units instead of one large one that may tip over is a safer choice, particularly for households with small children or indoor pets.

home office organization ideas
home office organization ideas
home office organization ideas

Use hanging file folders to create a category system within the filing cabinet. For instance, red folders can house medical records, while blue ones can hold financial information.

Whether you choose an alphabetical, numerical, or color-coded system, make sure it accommodates every single document you’d like to keep and that it makes sense to you.

This method is no help if you don’t remember where you’ve placed things!

For example, I worked with clients that wouldn’t know where to place a document if we had labeled the file the “traditional” way; instead, we named it as they had nicknamed that specific item.

Home Office Organization – Digital

Our digital space should also receive the same TLC we dedicate to physical spaces. After you’ve purged your digital files and organized them into folders, upload them to the cloud.

A cloud storage service stores your files on a server, so you won’t lose them if your computer breaks down or your laptop gets stolen.

Gone are the days of the dreaded blue screen of death that meant you’ve lost everything.

For extra protection, scan your physical documents onto your computer and upload them to the cloud as well.

If you are new to cloud computing or cloud storage, check out Top 10 Cloud Storage for reviews and comparisons of cloud companies.

You’ll gain incredible peace of mind knowing all your documents, digital and physical, are securely protected.

Home Office Organization – Creative

Who says your file organization method has to be boring? Turn your filing into a work of art by integrating it into your home decor.

In My Own Style recommends using colorful magazine files to add a pop of color to an otherwise bland home office.

Home office organization tips.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make these out of plain cardboard file boxes by covering them with gift wrap that matches the rest of your space. Experiment with different open containers, including baskets and plastic boxes, to create an organization system uniquely you.

Finally, remember to label everything.

You’ll want to know where you’ve filed your child’s medical records or where a copy of your marriage license is stored. Use various colors and textures to brighten up the room and make organizing your documents more enjoyable. The more fun it is to organize, the more you’ll do it!

What are your favorite home office organization tips and ideas? Could you leave them in the comment section below?

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