Nothing gets me in the “home clean up” mood as a party or guests coming over!

If you are like me or maybe the days went by and now your family is knocking at your door, read my tips on last-minute holiday prep for your home.

The holidays are here and it’s time to wrap up all of our preparations for the season. There are a few things that you can still prep ahead for that will make your holiday celebrations more enjoyable and relaxing so you can enjoy your company when they arrive.

The Ultimate Last Minute Holiday Prep Checklist

Stock up

You may have already had a few early holiday gatherings by this point. As the impromptu guests and out-of-towners continue to arrive, now is a good time to restock those items in your home that may be a little depleted.

Start in the kitchen. Replace pantry items like coffee, tea, and sugar that you are sure to use on the regular.

Now is also a good time to restock your bar items. Here is a great reference for how to stock your bar for the holidays.

Bake something

It’s such a nice touch to be able to offer your guests a home-baked treat over the holidays. Short on time or don’t like to bake? Pick up some pre-made pastries to keep in your home for when guests pop in.

Add fresh greenery

Fresh flowers add so much life to your home. Whether you choose greenery or bouquets, your guests will love to be greeted by these lively touches. Here are a few ideas for using fresh greenery around your home:

  • Use greens in vases or lying flat or draped on your mantle
  • Add fresh greenery to a basket in your entryway
  • Fresh greens can be added to your bar, buffet, or table settings
  • Use fresh greenery in guest rooms

Spruce up your main living spaces

Replace candles, check the condition of throw pillows and throw blankets.

Add a basket of magazines, light reading, coffee table books for your guests to read while they are relaxing, waiting for other guests, or while you are preparing for meal times or other guests. 

Check your lighting as well.

No one wants to sit under super bright or harsh lighting while they are trying to relax. A simple way to soften your lighten in your home is to replace your clear bulbs with frosted opaque

Neaten and freshen up focal points and most used areas

Take a look at your entrances, gathering spaces, and bathrooms. Declutter these areas by going around with a basket and removing things that do not belong in them.

Fluff your pillows, adjust your throw blankets, and replenish anything that needs it.

Don’t forget to clear those areas that gather clutter throughout the days and weeks, such as coffee tables, islands, desks, and entryway tables.

Clear coats and bags that are not used often and place them in a closet.

Make your guest rooms cozy

Whether you have scheduled guests coming to stay at your home over the holiday season or not, you should prepare for guests either way.

Freshen linens and restock any toiletries.

You will also want to think of those extra warm and cozy touches to make your guests feel at home while they stay with you.

Make needed amenities easy to find and use – keep internet passcodes on the nightstand, leave a tray with water and snacks, and any notes that you think they may need while they are staying in your home. 

Even if you don’t have a designated guest room, it’s a good idea to make a basket up for guests with linens, pillows, and a few toiletries so it is easy for you to make overnight guests feel at home.

Need some more tips for prepping your home for the holidays?

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What to prep ahead for to make your holiday celebrations more enjoyable and relaxing so you can enjoy your company when they arrive.


These tips on how to prepare your home for the holiday should have you feeling ready to relax and enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.

Need some help with your last-minute preparations for your home this holiday? Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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