Making Your Bed Every Morning

Recently I started talking about basic life skills and how knowing (and using) these skills impacts your ability to live an organized life. I decided to start from a very basic skill that makes all the difference in your daily life and on how you start your days: making your bed.

Basic Life Skills

Funny thing is that while researching and reading about life skills I read that making your bed daily does contribute for a happier life. Who’d say that such a simple thing like fluffing your pillows could make you happier, right? 🙂

Truth is, life is made of small steps that build upon each other and when you start the day right, you set the tone for a good day.

By making your bed you quickly make the space more organized (hello!? Your bed is the largest surface in your room) And, you feel calmer and more relaxed because your environment isn’t reminding you of every little thing that is undone.

You also feel an immediate sense of accomplishment. You open your curtains, you shake off your bedding and next thing you know your bedroom is looking like a hotel room again – OK, almost.



I actually like to tap my back and I think to myself: way to go girl, now off to get ready!

All right, let’s jump to the video below and get started!

By the way, did you make your bed today? 😉

I hope you join me in this daily habit of making your bed when you wake up and set a positive tone for each brand new day.

Rituals are a powerful thing and they help us create the lives we want, so don’t fret the chores, embrace them!

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