Holiday Organizing With Your Family

Holidays are around the corner, and some families are just like Scrooge about the planning, decorating, and festivities. Your husband hates lighting the tree, your kids are all on their iPads 24/7, and you feel overwhelmed. Now is the time to create a memorable family holiday, working together on holiday organizing.

Holiday organizing with your family.

Start with a family meeting and a month-at-a-glance calendar. Have each family member share what is most meaningful to them for the holiday season. With these special activities in mind, start the planning process.

By zeroing in on what is most special, your family will take some of the obligations off your holiday calendar. Set dates on your calendar to guard times for family events and not over-schedule.

Write out the list of family responsibilities for the season, including decorating your tree and home, baking and cooking, and gift purchasing and wrapping. Ask family members which of these activities inspire them and form teams to complete these responsibilities.

Write on your calendar when these activities will be taking place and create a checklist of specific tasks required to complete each job. No more nagging is needed.

Ask your extended family, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and special non-family relatives, to join one of the teams. Allow for creativity; you will see how each team creates something unique and special.

Remember, it may not be perfect or exactly what you had in mind, but sharing holiday responsibilities makes everyone feel more a part of the holiday connection.

Keep your holidays simple. The most meaningful aspects of the holiday season come from spending time together. When we get stressed as parents, our family knows it. Be sure everyone gets rest, there are some downtimes for relaxation, and keep the spirit of the season uppermost in your holiday preparations.

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