Feng Shui for Auspicious Dining

As the holidays fast approach, this is a wonderful time of year to revive the energies and beauty of your dining area, table and décor.

Here are some tips to inspire you!


  • The dining room reflects unity and goodwill with your family and friends as well as household abundance. Entertaining also offers the opportunity to enhance your Helpful People and Benefactors.
  • If you have a formal dining room, please don’t use it as a pass through or hallway or a catch-all for extra clutter or furniture! If your dining table tends to collect clutter, a great trick is to keep it set beautifully-you won’t want to ruin the look!
  • If you never use the space, consider re-purposing it into something you’ll enjoy every day. An unused room collects “ghost chi” and is not at all lucky.
  • If you tend to use the formal dining area only for holidays, please consider creating a special meal in there once a week-a Sunday brunch or Friday night dinner and enliven the space with your presence and joy. If you live alone, play beautiful music to accompany your meal.
  • Be mindful that the amount and size of furniture should be in proportion to the space you have. I so often see dining rooms packed with way too much furniture or sharp corners in tight spaces that make it impossible to pass with ease.
  • If you’re short on space or wish to enhance family harmony, choose a round table. If you have a square (representing earth) room, do choose a round table (representing heaven) so you can create the Trinity of “tien ti ren” luck with you and your loved ones.
  • The larger the table, the stronger the growth energy, especially for your career. A rectangular table made of wood would be ideal for someone wishing to grow their business or wants advancement in their career.



  • For all tables, choose chairs with solid backs and arm rests, if possible. The heads of the household should be sitting in the Commanding Positions at the table (not the children or guests).
  • This area should be brightly lit with as much natural light as possible. A crystal chandelier with its sparkling chi would be ideal! And make sure to hang a mirror (without cutting off anyone’s head in the reflection) opposite the table to “double” the abundance.
  • If you have the 3 Star Gods (Fuk, Luk and Sau), the dining room is an ideal place to display them.
  • Bless your food before eating.
  • Try to have a view of a garden or healthy green plants as you eat.
  • You can serve food that represents all Five Elements through the colors (yellow, red, green, white and black).


After your meal, you might enjoy walking 100 paces in the fresh air as prescribed by Chinese Medicine practices to help your digestion.

Watch for the next issue on auspicious tablescapes. In the meanwhile, check out my Pinterest board for inspiration photos! Just click the Pinterest link found in the upper right hand column of this newsletter.


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