New Year, Fresh Start!

As I travel on vacation to Rio with my family I called in great colleagues and friends to share their wisdom on “New Years’ & Fresh Starts” with you.

In today’s post, Linda Samuels, generously shares her wisdom on how to get a fresh start as we approach the new year. I am sure you’ll enjoy this post as much as I did!

Linda Samuels, CPO-CD® is a compassionate, enthusiastic Professional Organizer and Coach who facilitates change in her clients’ lives. You can learn more about Linda and her work on her website Thank you, Linda, for your beautiful post!

And, I thank you all for this AMAZING year, for your support and friendship!

Now, enjoy Linda’s post.

There’s nothing like “fresh!” Here we are about to begin a new year. Each of us has an opportunity to wipe the slate clean, reset our goals and design our next twelve months. There are many great ways to harness this energy on a daily basis. I’ll share some of my ideas and I’d love to hear from you too.

Find Your First Sip

Conjure up the scent of that morning pot of coffee brewing. After delighting in the aroma, now imagine taking your first sip from your favorite mug. For me, this simple act of enjoying my coffee not only is pleasurable, but also signals that it’s time to begin again and sets a hopeful tone for my day. If you’re not a coffee drinker, perhaps brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or doing some deep breathing will work instead. The idea is to find your starter or first sip.

Display the Vibrancy

Another way to create a new start atmosphere is to add fresh flowers to your environment. I love getting flowers before their petals have opened. Cutting their stems, arranging them into favorite containers and placing them in full view creates a tone of vibrancy, life, and hope. I particularly delight in bouquets of tulips this time of year. Their joyful shapes and colorful blooms remind me that the cold of winter will soon be followed by the warmth of spring. It’s hope in a vase.

Pump Up the Positive

Take time to reflect on your accomplishments and good memories from last year. These thoughts will create a positive expectation and increase your confidence as you take on new projects and goals. When I think about the past year, the two things that stand out most for me were successfully launching our youngest daughter off to college and writing regularly for my own blog and others. What are you proud of from last year? What experiences did you have that boosted your happiness?

Let it Go

It’s all too easy to stay stuck in the Land of Didn’t Dos. To make the most of your fresh start, let go of your mistakes, disappointments, and failures. We are human. None of us are exempt from these experiences. The key is in how you process them. Depending upon the depth of the disappointment, you might not be able to put it aside without some outside help. If something is holding you back to the point of contaminating your days, get the help you need so that you can let go and move ahead. Learning, forgiveness, and understanding are essential.

Bring On the Sparkle

There’s nothing like a little bit of glitter to lift my mood, create some daily magic and set the tone for experimentation and possibilities. This season, in particular, shiny things are everywhere and I love it! However, long before the design industry deemed it so, I have enjoyed being surrounded by glittered-laden pencils, sparkly eye shadow, reflective glass, sequined pillows and jeweled picture frames. These external sparkles remind me to pursue the people, places and things that bring out that inner twinkle.

Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that lets us take a deep breath, forgive ourselves and allow us to move forward. Whether it’s that first sip of coffee or a glitter-covered Eiffel Tower ornament, surround yourself with cues that encourage you to make the most of the New Year. What inspires you for a fresh start?

Linda Samuels.


Have a wonderful week!



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