What to Pack to Rio in June

Are you not sure what to pack for Rio in June? Here are my suggestions for what I’d bring to visit family during winter under the Equator!

If you are lucky enough to go to Rio this summer, remember that it will be winter “down there.”

Rio can get colder during this time of the year (I know, you think it’s never cold in Rio!), but trust me, you’ll want a light jacket for those cloudy, rainy days and evenings.

It’s true that you can get super lucky and have gorgeous warm days with blue, sunny skies – just to ruin your plans of packing light! So, in any case, do not leave home without your bikini, a coverup, and a pair of flip-flops.

If you prefer that later item, you can spoil yourself with a trip to the mall and buy one straight from a Havaianas store. It’s a fun store!

In any case, do not pack jewelry, valuables, or an expensive watch. Leave your fancy sports shoes at home, too. 😉

Just bring your best smile, and a small camera will do!

Outfit Ideas | What to pack for vacation in Rio de Janeiro in June

I hope these ideas help you decide what to pack for Rio de Janeiro in June.
Have a wonderful time in Rio, and I look forward to seeing your photos! 😉

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