Feng Shui Tips for the New Year

As I travel on vacation to Rio with my family I called in great colleagues and friends to share their wisdom on “New Years’ Fresh Starts” with you. I thank you all for this AMAZING year, for your support and friendship!

This week’s post is from Gwynne Warner founder of www.10KBlessingsFengShui.com and one of the most generous and loving people I know.

A Feng Shui practitioner, in this post she shares with us wonderful ways of welcoming the New Year. I am sure you’ll love her post as much as I do.

Happy New Year!

First, from a Feng Shui perspective, it’s important to release all the stagnant, exhausted and negative energies of the current year before making wishes for the new year. As you clear away clutter and deep clean the house to welcome the New Year as an honored guest, really visualize that you’re washing away, sweeping away any illness, quarrels, stress, disappointments or any negative energies from the past year.

On New Year’s Eve, turn every single light on in the house (and keep them on until you go to bed!) and open the windows (even just a crack) to let the old year out and the new year in.

At midnight, open the front door wide and “welcome” in new, bright auspicious energy for the new year. With great glee and joy, ring bells or gongs or at least bang on some pots and pans to awaken the front entrance with opportunities and happy chi!

Remember that what happens the on first day of a New Year really sets the energy for the entire year—so plan a day that’s happy, energized, healthy, restful and prosperous! Avoid being sad or grumpy or stingy or using negative language.

Early in the New Year, set a strong and heart-felt intention wish or goal for the year with a Wishing Ceremony or Feng Shui Cure.



Here’s the thing with making wishes—you have to visualize AS IF YOUR WISH HAS ALREADY COME TRUE and really FEEL that possibility, joy and excitement!

There is a very special power to actually embodying your wish or goal with a simple ritual. Here are some ways you could make wishes for the New Year:

  • Treat yourself to a brand new purse and wallet (red, gold, purple or black) and fill with lots of fresh, new cash (ideally uncirculated) or gold $1 coins. Add money from a rich person and 3 Coins on Red Ribbon which you place next to your new cash so it magnetizes more of the same!
  • Write down your wishes and keep them in a special and beautiful silver or gold vessel or box placed in the Helpful People area (if you need a Bagua map, write me [email protected] and I’ll email you one)
  • Release a Red Sky Lantern into the Heavens or a Floating Lamp onto the Waters

  • With a brand new red pen, write “The tide of destiny has turned and now everything comes my way” or “Today is my lucky day”9 times a day for 9 or 27 days in a row. If you forget a day, you need to go back and begin again.
  • Burn Taoist Joss Papers or Tin Lungta
  • Ring out your prayer 108 times with a tingsha or singing bowl
  • Perform the “Wish-fulfilling Jewel” ceremony
  • Release 9 red and gold helium balloons with 9” red ribbon tails. With a black marker your deepest heart’s desire on each balloon. Release one at a time and watch until your balloon has vanished into the Heaven Realm visualizing it entering the mouth of the Sky Dragon. You can chant Om Mani Padme Hum (or any other prayer you love) as you watch your prayer lift to the Heavens.
  • With a red pen, write on a red piece of paper your one heartfelt wish and place inside an Asian-style Lucky Red Envelope. Place it in the area underneath your head or heart between your mattress and box spring and sleep on it for 9 nights. Now burn it in a strong fire seeing and feeling your wish coming true.

You can find the cures and ceremonies in RED at Gwynne‘s Feng Shui Online Boutique www.10KBlessingsFengShui.com

Wishing You 10,000 Blessings for Your Every Dream Coming True in 2013!

Gwynne Warner created www.10KBlessingsFengShui.com to help folks create lifestyles infused with good fortune. As well as consulting and teaching, she also offers a free ezine filled with articles and audios for your fortunate blessings at www.10KBlessingsFengShui.com


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