Feng Shui Holiday Lights, Colors, Scents & Sounds

11 ways to Feng Shui your holidays with Gwynne Warner.
{Feng Shui Your Holidays}

1. Add Holiday Lights

During the Holy Days, the amplifying of physical light is a shining metaphor of welcoming spiritual light. You can light candles and fires; hang twinkling lights, and hang colored Swarovski crystal spheres or scatter them on your table’s centerpiece with candles.

2. Add Holiday Scents

A wonderful way to uplift your spirits is through scent. Especially uplifting are fresh orange and satsumas; displaying fresh pine boughs or burning evergreen scented aromatherapy candles, or burning frankincense resin on hot charcoal.

3. Add Holiday Décor

A living holiday tree embodies the Chinese Five Element of Wood and encourages growth and new beginnings. Place your Christmas Tree, Solstice Tree or Tree of Life in the corresponding Bagua area of your life you wish to enhance. Now add the colors in candles, decorations, ornaments, and electric lights to amplify that energy.

4. Helpful People

Glittery, gold or silver candles and baubles; angels; gold or clear Swarovski crystals; or metal bells

5. Fortunate Blessings & Prosperity

Presents–the ones you’re giving and ones you received; chocolate Hanukkah gelt; purple-red, green, and gold Swarovski crystals, lights, and glass balls; 3 coins on the red ribbon; goldfish ornaments.

6. Spirituality and Wisdom

The Three Wise Men; religious representations and figurines; blue Swarovski crystals; burning frankincense and myrrh incense

7. Fame & Reputation

Stars; menorahs; candles; red Swarovski crystals; red fairy lights

8. Health

Healthy green plants; bowls of fresh fruit; Wu Lou ornaments

9. Children & Creativity

Dreidels; toys; or metal bells

10. Relationship

Pair of red, pink, or white poinsettias or candles; sweet things; photos of you and your beloved one during happy times during the holidays

11. Family & Friends

Green garlands (no drooping ends, though!); Christmas or Solstice tree; green ornaments; or wooden nativity scenes

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