The Cord Organizer In the New Office

I am confident in my organizing skills, but being a “cord organizer” has never been my favorite part of organizing an office and well, it showed! Check here how I cleaned up my act and drawers and got the cords under control.

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Part of getting our offices organized is dealing with the multitude of dangling cords our beloved computers and electronics come with, right? Do you have a nest of them sitting right under your desk? Or in one of your drawers (just like I did?) Well, let me tell how I tackled mine and share some simple solutions to organizing them.



Like most families, I have worked with we used to have one large bin of wires and cords that my husband would not “allow” me to throw away because, you know, we might just need them when we finally figure out to which appliance they belong to. However, when I started organizing our office, I realized I also had – in smaller proportions – a jumbled mess of cords and I didn’t feel like even pulling things out of the drawers because, even though the cables were all labeled, they were not easy to locate and just pull out.


Cords Organizing before - Cords Organizing Helena Alkhas A Personal Organizer


With the motivation of getting things finally organized and in order in our new office, I purchased small containers, rubberband-labels (I loved those!) and I tackled the beast – in the drawer and under my desk.

cord organizing supplies
Creating sections for each family.

You can find these beauties at Staples. Martha Stewart does it again!


I emptied my drawers where I wanted to place the electronics and the cords and checked to see that they all matched and that they had these small labels attached.

While organizing media rooms, offices and even behind the beds in bedrooms I learned that is best to label the cords in both ends so we can easily identify who is who. I also love using colored tags because this way we don’t even have to write on the label.


Cable twists found at The Container Store


These cable twisters with space for labeling are great and will help you find what you are looking for right away, like when you’re on your knees looking for the right cord!

cords organizing


With a blank slate, I started to place the containers and organizing the cords back in the drawer by the longest cable to the smallest ones.

Because I wanted to keep my backups in the drawers and all the cables together, I had to split them from their cords.

cords organizing


Now I can easily find all I need right away and am happy to use the electronics! These rubberband-labels are a great cord organizer, and I’m very happy with them.

cords organizing


It took me less than one hour to get all the organizing that I so needed, and things will be in place for a long time. With time, some patience and the right cord organizer tools all gets easier. Well, I still have to tackle under my hubby’s desk, and that will be my next project.

Now it’s your turn! Are your cords organized? Do you have a favorite gadget?


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