Cord Organizer Ideas – The Tools & How-to

We all love our electronics and our gadgets, but they come with a common annoyance: the cords under your desk!

To tame those little monsters, that get tangled to our feet and collect dust bunnies year-round, let’s check some cor organizer ideas to have the electronics AND a clean “behind the desk” area.

You can apply this to your work area or any entertainment center. Organizing it now will save you time and your sanity when a problem comes up. You won’t have to deal with disorganized cables when trying to save movie night with your family.

cord organizing
{Cords & cables organizing tips and gadgets.}

Getting Started with Your Cord Organizing Project

First things first! Start by unplugging, untangling and then by labeling each of your cables to start organizing the cables.

If the area on the floor is dirty, now is the time to grab your vacuum cleaner and clean it.

Another very inexpensive solution to label cables comes with your bag of sandwich bread! Yes, those little tags can easily become labels and they attach really well to them.

After you have detangled, sorted and labeled all your cords, you want to consolidate them and for that, you’ll have some options.

Cord Organizing Tools

You can simply wrap them together with Command Large Cord Clips, cable wraps or ties (the ones that you can also use to secure your suitcase) or you can go to a really nice tool, that I love to use. It keeps all your cables nested inside the Cable Zipper and it’s really easy to use.

One advice: start from the end of the cables and with your shorter cable and then gather all the other cables from there. Do not cut the Zipper yet.

You want to see the length it has to have to fit in the following step. Cable Zipper has the labels, but they will fall from your cables (at least mine did!). Make sure you use something else, like one of the options listed here.

Once all the cables are organized, you can then, plug them back into your power strip. Now, you can also get all your cables and the power strip in this practical “home”: CableBox with Power Strip.

This product comes in two sizes and in many colors (sorry, the cool colors only for the mini!). Bring your power strip in here, place the easy to handle lid on it and you are ready.

And, because I like to give you options, here is PlugHub, another way of corralling all the cables under your desk. Product from

cord organizer ideas

Finally, if you don’t like to dig for the cables that fall behind the desk, when you remove, say, your laptop from your desktop, attach these cuties – guys, don’t worry, they come in brown, black and white too!

The CableDrop keeps all the cables in place and organized, which is so nice and makes for more productive work.

Alternatively, you can use these Command Cord Bundlers by 3M  behind your desk to hold each cable separately, making it easier to plug and unplug as you need it.

I hope you feel motivated to organize your cables with these cord organizing tips and tools.

PS: If you are starting to think of your holiday gifts, keep these gadgets in mind. They make great stocking stuffers or when given with a professional organizing session as a gift, they can save your mom or dad from drowning in their office clutter and cords!


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