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In today’s post, I invite you to check these home office organization ideas and how my office turned out after almost two years of waiting. Find here the elements of an organized home office so you too can improve your working space.

Get your home office in tip tip shape with these office organization tips.


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I have been working more and more from home since last summer when I decided to make some “power” changes to fit my family needs better.

This has been a welcomed change of pace for myself and my family, and I are truly enjoying it.

However, our office was less than efficient and let me tell you it was NOT inviting. Did I say it was not pretty either?

It was time to take control of our home-office!



My husband and I had separate home offices in our previous homes and in this house, we decided to use a large room and combine our offices.


home office organizing


With the kids growing and with their ever growing list of homework and projects we also needed to make room for them to sit and do their work close to us.

It has been almost two years in the making for the new office and now it’s finally in place. I had tons of fun selecting, assembling and of course organizing it.



Try these home office organization ideas:

Consider Logistics

If you work from home, make a list of not only what you’d like to have in this space but how you want to feel while in there.

How many hours a day are you spending in the office? Is it a shared space? Will it serve another purpose, like being a guest room?

Also, think of how do you work your best when selecting your space. Is it in a quiet corner without interruptions or you don’t mind the kids coming and going?

Where do you want your office to be? In the house but with a separate entrance?

In our case, I can still see the kids but in case I decide to hire help, I don’t need to have them coming through the house.


Home office organization ideas

Make it Comfortable

Take your seat – Make sure you select good seating and furniture with great ergonomics. Good looking, upholstered chairs often don’t offer great back support or height control. Keep that in mind when selecting your seating.

Find your sweet spot – Think of your desk as the spot you’ll spend most of your time when in the office. Do you work best when looking to a wall? Having a window with a view? Try to seat in a “commanding position”, one in which you see who is coming in.

Have great lighting – You don’t want to be in a dark room trying to read, right? I love having a window to the outdoors and sunlight has a magical effect on my mood!


Home office organization ideas


Plan for plenty of working space – In our case, having space for ourselves and the kids was important to us.

Create Storage For All You Need

Schedule a purging session before this next step. It’s important to plan for what you have/can keep. Skipping this step leads to higher costs (you buy more storage than you need) and frustration. Take the time to go through your books and learning materials. Can you let go of anything here?


School Station – the boys find their papers and I store what will go in their year box

Plan for plenty of storage

My husband is an avid reader and a bookkeeper so not only books but also school papers, office, and school supplies needed a home.

  • Use small containers to keep each item separate and organized inside your drawers and cabinets.
  • Use magazine files to keep reference material organized by topic and easy to find.
  • Desktop file holders are a great way to keep your files organized and handy.


Home office organization ideas


Plan space for incoming mail and reference papers


organized drawers


Use small containers to keep each item separate and organized inside your drawers and cabinets.


Home office organization ideas - mailing box

Create a mailing station – Keep your address labels, envelopes, stamps in here. The benefit of having it in a box is it becomes easily portable.


Papers, Papers Everywhere!

  • Go through your files before next step. Make them up-to-date and shred what isn’t needed. I love this paper management system.
  • Filing cabinets – Buy good quality cabinets with drawers that lock when one is open, and that come all the way out.
  • Have a Desktop File for your business and a separate one for your family and personal papers.
  • Keep closer to you the ones you use the most: Clients, Receipts, Utilities, etc.

And finally, add personal touches to your space. It makes it beautiful and inspiring!


Home office organization ideas


In my case is the Brazilian artwork and gifts from friends and family. Did you see my adorable chicken? 😉 How do you organize your office? Where could you improve your working space? I hope you find these home office organization ideas useful and can apply them not only at home but at work too! Leave your comments below!


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  1. Toni Nelson says:

    The office looks so nice and bright!

    1. Hi Toni! Thank you. I love our office and I love all the sunlight and watching the plants, trees and birds outside! Working from home is a gift!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment. Love the energy and would love to share your purging and file organizing here too! Let me hear from you! 🙂

  2. Is that Pottery Barn furniture? If not, where did you find the furniture? Looks like something I’d like to use. Thanks.

  3. Love everything, but especially the furniture. Is it Pottery Barn? Looking for something similar to what you have. Thanks.

  4. LOVE THIS. I just bought real office furniture after being in business for almost 4 years. I love my new desk. I actually bought a beautiful black desk with drawers. I took everything off of the wall and started over by picking up a few nice wall items from TJ Maxx and a few nice vases. I’m really enjoying the beauty and function. Next, I need nice folders for organization. Thanks.

  5. Nice office!! It looks like a great space. I enjoy my office too. It looks out over the backyard – when I’m not sitting at the island in the kitchen that is :).

  6. Hi Donna.

    Yes this furniture is from Pottery Barn and they have a regular straight desk option to it as well. This units are very big and we were worried at first, but now we are very happy with so much space to work!
    Will love to see your office pictures!

  7. Love your office. I try to keep my office organised, by spending a little time each week keeping it tidy. Storage was a problem as my office is in an alcove, but I managed to empty the linen cupboard nearby. 3 bags of linen and towels that we no longer use have made way for folders and other bits to be stored away but easily accessible.
    Thanks for the article. Photos are inspiring.

  8. Helena,

    I love this post! It’s so much fun seeing where you work. I noticed a little red ribbon on your lamp too – is that a feng shui tip? What I really love is how you’ve incorporated a lot of personal touches. Your office is lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you Geralin! You are so observant and spotted my little Feng Shui charm on my lamp. 🙂 Gwynne Warner shares all her wisdom in her website.
      I am so pleased with this working space. I am so more productive and now that is finally getting warm I can open the doors and enjoy the outdoors from my desk. It’s really lovely!

  9. Deborah Lindsay says:

    Love your office design! I am just moving my home office space upstairs and your pics are inspiring! Thank you

  10. The School station interests me. What kind of dividers did you use for the magazine file? What are the categories used for the dividers? I have 3 boys and the school paperwork is overwhelming at times. Looking for ideas of how to organize the school stuff better.

    1. Hi Diane.
      I use Martha Stewart – Staples products or The Container Store line called Stockholm. I’m pretty happy with both of them and it works great! Let me hear how it goes for you.

  11. Andrew, thank you so much for visiting the blog and for your comment!
    It makes me happy to know that you liked my office. It is a delight to work here and enjoying the blue skies from my windows.
    I love this furniture (is from http://www.potterybarn.com) and it is super comfortable, great quality and hopefully will be with us for a very long time.
    Hope to see you here again soon!

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