How to Organize the Laundry Room in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve got kids—or maybe even if you don’t—you probably spend a lot of time in the laundry room, which is usually one of the smallest rooms in our homes. And, well maybe we won’t ever make laundry an enjoyable chore, but learning how to organize the laundry and by having an organized laundry room will certainly make it easier. But, the good news is it’s not that difficult to keep your laundry room organized and efficient.

how to organize the laundry room

Shall we check how we can make this dreaded chore a little easier on us?

how to organize the laundry room
Image Pottery Barn – Gabrielle Laundry System

Image: Pottery Barn

1. Throw Away and Purge First

As in any organizing project, the best way to start is by planning, then going through each cabinet, drawer, and surface. Look at each item and ask yourself, Is this worth keeping? Consider if it has expired, is still usable, and if it is beneficial to the laundry room. As you make these decisions, be sure to put them in their respective piles—keep, bring it back to where it belongs, recycle or throw away.

The laundry room often becomes a catch-all for sort of items that never make their way to their specific homes, even more so, if your laundry room is like mine: right by the entrance from the garage! By clearing up this space of unnecessary and excessive items, you will make way for the area’s intended purpose: doing the laundry!

2. Sort Your Like Items Together

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the unnecessary items separate what’s left into categories—cleaning products, laundry accessories, baskets, etc. This way you can see what and how much you have.

A perfect place to store these items, in case you are short on storage space, is behind the laundry room door.

3. Use Storage Spaces

Utilize any built-in storage space you have. Use overhead cabinets to hold detergents and other cleaning products. Use open bins or baskets to keep items like ironing equipment, hangers, etc. Mount, a drying rack to the wall, to conserve space. Use small containers like jars to house coins and other treasures you find in pockets. Keep a trash can handy for any trash you may find in clothing as well as a place to pitch lint and used dryer sheets.

organize the laundry room

Image: 3178 Coneflower Drive

Install a drying rack for delicate items.


Image: Ballard Designs

4. Use Laundry Sorters

One of my favorite things to help me with the “laundry-generating-monsters” in our house is a three-bin laundry sorter I placed in the boys’ closet. It helps me get them to help me with the laundry, it has taught them how much work it entails and more mindful of each time they changed clothes. There are many different designs of laundry sorters that can fit your available space. Having a divided hamper will alleviate clothes laying on the floor and will make doing the laundry easier and will save you time.

how to organize the laundry

Image: Pottery Barn


5. Regularly Straighten Up and Purge

Get into the habit of putting things in their proper places on a regular basis. Take a few minutes each time you do the laundry to put items back in their respective places. This small but helpful tip will help you maintain your laundry room’s cleanliness and stay more organized.

how to organize the laundry

Image:  Ballard Designs


Just do it. The longer you take to decide, the longer your laundry room will remain the way it is. And, why would you want to extend the pain!? 😉

laundry organizing

Image: Pottery Barn

Come back soon to see my routine on how to organize the laundry and have your weekends (almost!) free of it.

Laundry Organizing Products

how to organize the laundry

Laundry Bag Stand

Laundry Bag Stand

Makes sorting the laundry by color, type or person super easy. This is what you’ll find in my boys’ closet!

Mesh Laundry Bag

This is where it all starts. Keep it simple, but organized!

FlipFold Jr.Laundry Folder

Makes folding t-shirts neatly a breeze. This one is the Jr. size, but also offered in adult size.


Slim Cart with Wheels

Ideal to be tucked in between or side of the washer and dryer, this mighty helper will hold all you need to get the job done.

Board Laundry Solution

If you’re short on space or have no cabinets in your laundry areas, this is a nice solution to create the storage you need.

Complete Laundry System

Start small and add as you can, by building the basic structure and adding the components of this system.

Complete Laundry Center

Organize as you fold! Get the laundry ready to go in this sturdy and practical cart.

Hanger Storage

Keep the hangers for your laundry nearby and do it all at once.

Your Personal Valet – InstaHanger

Makes hanging your shirts neatly a breeze! Ideal for small spaces or even in a corner of your closet


Slim Tower with Casters

Cousin of the other cart, this again is ideal to be tucked in between or side of the washer and dryer.


These little fellows will sing for you as you get your laundry to dry!

Table Top Ironing Board

Ideal for small families, small spaces or for a household like mine, where non-iron clothes are the only one welcomed in! 😉

What are your favorite tips on how to organize the laundry room?

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