Jewelry Storage Ideas

This last weekend a Facebook fan wrote me asking for jewelry storage ideas and I thought would be nice to share them here.

jewelry organizing ideas
How do You Organize Your Jewelry?

She needs help with the small little items we always have around: the jewelry, perfumes, cute little boxes and well, the clutter that always finds its way into the house.

“How do you organize your jewelry and not display it? I have these things on a bookshelf in my bedroom, but I don’t know where to store them out of sight?”

I have my jewelry organizing ideas, but I know that having a walk-in closet makes it easier for me to create a space – out of sight – to keep my jewelry. 

Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas – Keeping it Away

If you have room to spare in a dresser that is already in your bedroom, lining it with black or another striking color of velvet will immediately make the drawer a perfect storage place for your jewelry. You can add acrylic containers or your favorite tea cups to make it your own.


If you are lucky and are going to renovate your closet from scratch, make sure to include jewelry storage and organizing in your new closet.

An alternative to custom-made cabinetry is the different jewelry storage cabinets available for sale. Here are some examples of what you can find:

These are some of the jewelry storage ideas available, and I’ll make sure to bring ideas to add storage to your beautiful pearls!

How do you store your jewelry? I will love to see that! Pin to this Pinterest board to share with us.

Have a wonderful week!

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