6 Steps to Fold Fitted Sheet Easy

To fold fitted sheets can be tricky, but it’s easy when you follow these six simple steps, and I’ll tell you, if I learned it, you can learn it too!

You see, 12 years ago, when I met my husband, I was the most undomesticated person you could have ever met. I was single, always working, and taking care of the home was the last thing on my mind. Did I say I was a workaholic?


However, after moving to the US, things changed dramatically, and well, I had to dive in and learn. And doing the laundry was just one of the things I had to learn – from where to put the laundry detergent and how to turn the washer on to using drying sheets and folding the laundry. And, if you’re curious – I’m totally domesticated now! LOL

A couple of shrank sweatshirts and pants and many, many loads later, I can tell you we all survived!

{Organizing the laundry. Wash. dry. fold.repeat}


The Laundry

I change our bedding weekly, and it goes to the washer the very next day, first thing in the morning. Because I work from home many days of the week, I can fit it in my schedule nicely by loading it in the washer as soon as I wake up. OK, right after my first sip of coffee!

If you don’t work from home, reverse it to the evenings or do it Saturday morning – after a nice breakfast!


It takes about 1 hour to wash, and I’ll be halfway through our morning routine, and I’ll move it to the dryer. By the time I’m back from taking the boys to school, it will be dry and ready to fold.

I do it right away, first, because it’s a lot easier to do it when it’s still warm from the dryer, and second because the pain of folding it later when it is cold and wrinkled convinces me that postponing is not worth it. 🙂

The Bones of a Beautiful Room

Do you love a beautiful bedroom to come in every night? Do you love a nicely made bed? Well, it all starts with how well we fold our bedding. And that is another great reason to learn how to do it right!

Watch the video and see how easy it is to fold fitted sheets.

I had a great time with this post and video and hope it helps you eliminate the question “how to fold fitted sheet easy off of your organizing list!

As always, thank you for your support! Please, leave your comments and share this post with your friends.

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