How to Organize Kitchen Under Sink Cabinet

Video Home Organizing Tips by A Personal Organizer 

Hi there, Helena A Personal organizer here. How are you?

I hope you are having a fabulous week and our tip of the week is going to be under the sink storage cabinets. So this can be a very tricky area to organize depending on how the pipes are connected and depending on what type of equipment you have here.
This time, I was very lucky. This cabinet is very spacious, and it actually allowed me to have a food shelf in here.

What I am gonna show you what I did to make better use of this space because if I have not used this shelf, I would have very limited storage space. So what I did here was to use a shelf riser, and it works very well because this is a sturdy one. It is from Target; it is very inexpensive and but it lasts. It has been with me for a while now. I used it from my laundry room in the other home, and I repurposed this in this house for this area. As you know, I moved six times in eleven years. So I have been training on how to repurpose things from one house to the other for a while now.

And, so what I did here is to use these boxes. They are from Target as well, and this is a collection called ITSO, and it is very nice. It lasts and it’s very durable. I have this once for now about at least four to five years. And, so it is a great product and lasts. It is very spacious as you can see and they have a stackable tray, and they have stackable boxes. That can come at top of this one if you want if you don’t want to use the shelf like this. So that’s another possibility.

And on this large box, I keep my daily use of cleaning products. And it is very nice because it is very handy. I don’t have to think, oh I have to go all that way back there to grab my cleaning products. I really want to have something handy here. So I have no excuses, I just clean up. And what I do here is I keep my, for the fridge, for the furniture and kitchen my wipes, I have not given up on them yet, dishwasher, soap and then my kitchen counter cleaner and this is another brand of the kitchen counter that I have not finished. And my clothes for the use of these products. So I have one for each and that makes very easy to clean up at the end of the day.

So it goes on here and is very easy as you can see to come in and out. And in this lower area, I keep dishwasher soap that comes in this very hand container and it is very nice. I keep all our trash bags, and I keep an extra brush. This one is from Mikia and is very nice; it is super, inexpensive and lasts forever. You just put it in the dishwasher to wash with your civil war and in the bin. And it is perfectly clean again.

And here are my towels, I use green and yellow in this area of the house. And they full well and fix super handy here in this box. This one I, this area down I dedicate to the fire extinguishers and my bag container.

All I need to do after the groceries are done is to stash them down here. I have not learned yet to take my bags all the time to the supermarket. That is something I need to improve. And our cutting boards come here. So we have one for meats, one for loaves of bread and sandwiches, and one large one for veg. So it doesn’t make a mess in my countertop.

I hope this tip is useful and that you can implement in your house. So you have more time to do what you like to do. Ok, have a fabulous week I see you soon with one more tip from Helena A Personal Organizer.

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