Celebrating Fall and Making it Beautiful

Fall Table Decorations With a Twist

Thanksgiving Tablescape: Fall table decoration with a twist.

I love decorating the house and updating things now and then, so when fall comes around, I truly love creating beautiful fall table decorations to welcome it, closing the chapter of summer and setting the tone for the new season.

I looked online for beautiful inspiration on different ways of approaching fall table decorations, keeping it elegant, but also being creative and honoring the season’s tradition of harvest and bountifulness. I loved the white theme; it goes so well with the more natural and “artsy” look I like to infuse in our house.

Coming from Brazil, where the arts and crafts express our culture and are in our homes as well, it seems natural to create a decor that showcases my roots while highlighting the season.

Here they are:

Making it Elegant With Natural Materials



Staying “green” and exploring new colors.


A more traditional approach, but keeping it simple and elegant.

Are you lucky to dine outside on Thanksgiving?


I hope you enjoy these fall table decoration ideas and share yours with us! Link back to your blog so we can get inspired by your creations!

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