Feng Shui & Color in Your Life


The interior colors of your home have the most significant impact on your life and Feng Shui because they change so infrequently and you can get “locked” into a particular vibrational pattern of energy. Colors definitely elicit emotions and states of energy.



Use white sparingly (just on trim, doors, moldings, etc.) as it ricochets and bounces and can cause anxiety, insomnia and emotional coldness.

Avoid too little color (lots of beiges and tans, for example) which can be connected with avoiding feelings and lead to a subdued chi of apathy, indifference, stagnation or feeling anesthetized.

Also, avoid too much of one color. For example, too much red can have a lightning rod effect drawing in hostility, violence, and aggression. In the Pacific NW, avoid grey interior and exterior walls since we have so much grey light already.


Different ways to bring color into our lives:

  • Clothing + Jewelry
  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Paint + Décor
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Absorbing in nature with your eyes open (taking a forest walk, for example)
  • Visualization: breathing in the color(s)


Other by Other Metro Photographers Kimberley Hasselbrink


Different color methods in Feng Shui include:

  • Yin + Yang
  • The Bagua
  • The Rainbow + Chakras
  • The Five Elements
  • Symbolic + Moods
  • The Six True Words

Some of my favorite color palette resources include:

  • www.design-seeds.com
  • www.letschipit.com
  • www.hgtv.com
  • http://pinterest.com/olgeiger1991/paint-palettes/


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