How to Use Feng Shui Wherever You Go

As a lover of Feng Shui, I believe in the Chinese saying that “wherever you go you bring good luck with you.” Here are some simple ways to get started!

Before You Travel + Personal Protection

  • If possible, choose an auspicious day for your Chinese Zodiac animal and avoid taboo days for travel.
  • Before leaving, take a metal bell and face east to ring it nine times. Turn in a clockwise direction to face all the other eight compass directions, ringing the bell nine times in each direction and ending up facing east again. This ritual helps avert bad luck when traveling.
  • Carry an amulet with you for safety and protection and the “12 Zodiac Animals” to cultivate good relationships with everyone you meet, turning them all into benefactors.


  • When reserving your room, ask for one that is far from the elevators and ice machines so you can have calm and restorative sleep. Also ask for a room with a beautiful outdoor view (avoid alleys and so on). Make your room as quiet and dark as possible and also bring ear plugs and an eye mask for deep sleep.
  • Clear the predecessor energy of your room by ringing a bell and spraying pure essential oil spray of orange or kaffir lime. Keep the windows open for fresh air.
  • Move the emf-producing electronics (alarm clocks, radios, etc.) away from your bedside and place at least 8 feet from your head. Unplug all the appliances in the room when not in use.
  • If possible, put your bed in the Command Position and avoid any heavy beams crossing or splitting your bed. If your headboard has wood or metal slats, cover it with pillows or fabric.
  • Cover the TV screen, mirrors facing your bed, and sharp corners on bedside tables pointing towards your head (pack some fabric). Make sure blinds with blades are all the way closed or open but not half open to avoid cutting chi.
  • Keep the bathroom door shut, sink and tub drains closed, and the lid of the toilet down when not in use.
  • Pack a sacred image, icon, statue- or even a mini altar- to set up in your room, as well as photos of your beloved ones to set up near your bed so you see their image last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

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