Life changed; I changed. Here is what’s new!

When I first opened my business, I knew I needed to work on creating a brand and all its elements. I followed a lot of “OPA,” other people’s advice, on colors, on symbols, on fonts but there was very little of “me” in the choices I made. Not because I didn’t have an opinion or a personality, but because I didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to build a brand from the inside out.

How I changed my life and my business to reflect the vision I had for it. #lifechanges #simplelife

Finding Your Rhythm

Fast forward ten years and now I am a 51 years old woman with a fulfilling life and much professional experience. On my “past life,” as I like to call it, I was a high-level corporate professional, working and traveling around the world. After dropping everything for love, I moved seven times, twice around the globe, in the last 17 years, raised three teenage sons, my husband retired from the Navy after 26 years of service and is now a civilian surgeon. As you can imagine, life is busy. But by following my motto that “Life Can Be Simpler,” I learned that I am my best, my happiest, and my most centered when life IS simpler.

Since our last move from California to Illinois, I have focused on simplifying my home and personal life and have been reaping the benefits of living more simply.

I canceled memberships and services, I moved to a yoga studio closer to home, I paired my clothing choices down, I stuck to an easy menu list, I let go of toxic relationships, I quit social media for personal use, I changed my daily routines, I simplified everything I could and slowly life gained the rhythm I love, my rhythm.

But when it came to my work, I noticed that “life was NOT simpler” and I started to pay attention.

From my volunteering activities and contributions with colleagues to working with multiple clients and projects at once; even the many colors of my logo and the image editing process needed for the blog were complicated, my life was full, that’s for sure, but it didn’t feel fulfilling anymore.

Remove What Doesn’t Serve Your Vision

So, I tapped into the many great skills my professional organizing training and professional experience has given me in the last decade.

I started the process of peeling off anything that didn’t serve the SIMPLE life I want to lead. By doing this, things began to fall into place, and slowly life was finally starting to feel simpler-even with three teens, a busy husband, a dog and all!

During this process, it was only natural to look deeper into my business- the parts and processes of it, what worked and what did not, what I enjoyed doing and what I did not. And I realized my business branding didn’t speak to me anymore.

Much like when we lose weight and need a new wardrobe, I wanted a brand that reflected the person and professional I became and the life I am now leading. I wanted my brand to be simpler.

Most importantly, I wanted to simplify the business so I can better help and support you on your journey to a simpler life with organized spaces, time, and mind.

You have beautiful things to do in life, and it has been my pleasure and honor to share this journey with you over the years.

I hope I can continue to help you simplify and elevate everyday life so you too can create what matters and let it shine.

Here is to another decade of sharing, learning, giving and growing!

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