Feng Shui Cures & Adjustments: Part 1 of 2

A Potluck of Feng Shui Cures & Adjustments.

Since it’s the season of picnics and backyard potlucks, I thought it would be fun to do a pot luck of Fengshui cures for the summer. Here’s something for everyone! Enjoy!

To grow your business profits:

  • Make sure you have a strong financial foundation with a sturdy, rectangular-shaped wooden desk which will activate money growth, accomplishing tasks and paying attention to details.
  • Because glass is fragile and breakable, it lacks financial support; contracts and deals can easily “fall through;” you can experience distracted chi; and can create an unstable, fragile, “financial crash” foundation for your business.

To activate business opportunities:

  • Place a mirror under your phone or cash register (shining up)

To attract prosperity chi:

  • Burn frankincense resin or diffuse in pure essential oil form

If you don’t have any money coming in:

  • Start using your front door rather than garage to enter your home

If your house is “under water:”

  • Make sure you don’t have any blue ceilings
  • Don’t hang your mirrors too high (can’t see self)

To attract lucky opportunities:

  • Light three red candles at the front door. Hold one high above head and then to the bottom of the door. Now circle 3 times clockwise at the front door.

To change bad luck into good luck:

  • Perform the Taoist practice “walking the dragon” on a bright clear day with few clouds in the hour of the dragon from 7am-9am. Walk on undulating terrain starting uphill and later, going downhill; turn a corner at least 3 times so that you’ve “turned the corner of your bad luck” and troubles will come to an end.

If you’re feeling lazy or uninspired:

  • Hang a 5-rod metal wind chime at the center of your bedroom and manually ring it often, visualizing vitality and forward movement

If you’re feeling unhappy, fearful or angry:

  • Turn on every light in house-bright light for 3 hours/day x 7 days
  • Open your blinds and curtains at every window to let natural light stream in
  • Imagine bright light

If you’re feeling depressed:

  • Clear clutter from the floor
  • Steam clean your carpets

If your home or business feels tired or lethargic:

  • Play a singing bowl, walking clockwise 3 times in each room

If you have nagging problems that won’t go away:

  • Check to see there aren’t lights burnt out at any entrance

To improve your relationships with people (family members, colleagues, clients, etc.):

  • Carry the 12 Zodiac Animals with you

To support your family’s health:

  • Make sure to illuminate dark areas of your home to increase life force, as dark spots in the home can eventually create dark spots in the body leading to disease
  • Replace any burnt out bulbs within 24 hours

When you need clarity for a decision or way forward:

  • Clean all your windows (inside + out) with the 3 Secret Reinforcements visualizing clarity
  • Clear all horizontal surfaces of dust, extra things
  • Keep your entry well-lit inside and out
  • Use the front door to go in and out for 9 consecutive days so it opens to new opportunities.Ring the door bell and announce yourself as you cross the threshold.
  • Hang a wind chime at your front door and ring often to invite new opportunities
  • Add the color blue to the Spirituality|Knowledge area of your home
  • Clear out all clutter from underneath your bed
  • Take down all art at eye level for a few days to clear your mind, view

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