A Feng Shui Perspective On Pets

Feng Shui and Pets. Tips from the great Gwynne Warner


Gregory and I are beyond blessed with an amazing cat we adopted named “Buddha” who delights us with his affectionate, loyal, flirty and loving self. He sits absolutely still on one of our laps when we meditate, and then gets up to stretch when we ring the chime.

As my Feng Shui Assistant, he naps on my desk to keep me company. And surprisingly, he and the beta fish “Lucky” get on famously-whenever he drinks water from the bowl the fish swims up to greet him!

So in honor of him, our beta and three goldfish named “Happiness,” “Health” and “Prosperity,” (you could have guessed that, right?!) here are some thoughts about beloved animal companions from a Feng Shui perspective.

Animals are most excellent Feng Shui! They generate and circulate moving life-force; invigorate our homes with joy; reduce depression and illness; and perhaps most importantly, open our hearts wide with unconditional love.

Dogs and sing birds will bring more “yang” (active) energy to your home; while tortoises, rabbits, and cats bring more “yin” (passive) chi into your environment. Symbolically, rabbits bring luck; birds bring good news; fish bring prosperity and tortoises bring longevity.


Feng Shui And Pets — 7 Ways To Enhance Your Companion’s Lives

Here are simple ways to enhance your animal companions’ lives:

  1. Keep your home balanced, beautiful, harmonious and clutter-free to bless your animals. Use non-toxic cleaners for their food and water bowls and keep their bedding and litter boxes impeccably clean.
  2. Clean water and circulation are essential in Feng Shui so the popular water fountain bowls for cats and dogs are great as well as excellent pumps for aquariums.
  3. Offer your little-loved ones lots of fresh air, sunlight, healthy green plants and super-clean sleeping, playing and eating environments.
  4. You can play beautiful sacred music or mantras from any tradition when you’re away from home, imagining your animals feeling blessed and protected.
  5. Never ever neglect your loved one as it not only discharges negative chi into your home and life but sets you up for bad karma.
  6. It’s important that humans hold the Command Position in the home for balance. From this view, your friends should have their own furniture (cat tree, for example) and shouldn’t sleep in your bed (so that they don’t “come between” a romantic couple or “take up space” if you’re wishing for a romantic partner). This also allows you to keep our own sleeping rhythm necessary to rejuvenate our chi at night.
  7. If you don’t want any indoor animals, you can still cultivate loving and joyful animal chi by feeding the birds, butterflies, and squirrels outside!

Although utterly heart-breaking, death is natural and will come for all of us. From a Feng Shui perspective because a home is a place for the living and yang chi, don’t keep any cremation ashes in your home as they are excessively yin chi. Instead, best to scatter ashes in their favorite place in nature (but not in your yard).


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