Feng Shui Your Back-to-School Season

Feng Shui Tips for Your Back-to-School Success!
Feng Shui Tips for Your Back-to-School Success!

Feng Shui Tips for Good Fortune with Studies & Exams

  1. Create a special space for studies ideally that’s placed in the “Knowledge + Self-Cultivation” area of the home, den or student’s room.
  2. Avoid temporary places such as the dinner table, in front of the television on the couch (!) or a breakfast nook—instead, gather “study chi” with a designated space. Make sure this area stays clean and clutter-free; and is well lit and ventilated for excellent
  3. Seat the student in the “Commanding Position” (in the farthest corner from the door, facing the door but not in front of the door) with their back against a solid wall, known as “a mountain at your back” which offers strong support.
  4. Don’t have the desk facing a wall as you don’t want them to be literally and metaphorically “up against a wall” when studying! Also, don’t place two desks directly across from one another in a conflict position.
  5. Make sure there aren’t any sharp corners or “poison arrows” from cupboards or furniture pointed towards their body or head. Either move the furniture or using trailing plants or fabric to soften the points and edges.
  6. Use red folders, notebooks, and binders to support motivation, taking action and attraction of good luck.
  7. To help them with good exam grades, place red paper inside the front and back covers of your books and folders and then attach 9 small round mirrors on each of the inside covers placed in any pattern. Have the student visualize and feel themselves achieving great academic success.
  8. Create a “Fame + Recognition” wall in that same area of their bedroom or study area to encourage confidence, self-esteem, and hope. Display awards, trophies, art work, photos from performances and so on. Then add some up or down lighting or surround with strings of red lights to activate and encourage more achievements.
  9. Activate the “Knowledge” area of their bedroom with a bright light or globe that lights up and keep this turned on until they go to sleep.
  10. Create space so energy can flow by clearing any excess furniture; belongings (especially anything broken, soiled); commitments; over-scheduling. It is vital to have downtime to recharge, renew and rejuvenate their life-force. Too many possessions and activities can lead to scattered and exhausted chi.
  11. Activate happy rainbow chi with a clear 40mm or 50mm Swarovski crystal sphere hung in the window; in the center of the bedroom from the ceiling; over their desk; and in the Knowledge area. (You can order these from me at www.10KBlessingsFengShuiBoutique.com)

Wishing you 10,000 Blessings of Good Fortune for Your Academics!


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