How to Organize The Fridge

Don’t you love to open the fridge and find all you need quickly and without seeing spills, stains or feeling some nasty smells?
I will show you how to organize the fridge with a simple weekly routine that will make it easier on you to keep this space clean and working well.

How to organize your fridge with a weekly routine.

Hi there. Here’s Helena personal organizer. How are you? Well, I hope you are having a fabulous week and I thought of recording a video. Since it’s Monday and it’s my shopping day. Recording a video of how I come home with the groceries and I keep the fridge organized and clean, which is the most important part to me because I really dislike cleaning it and I really dislike opening and it is messy, smelly and it is just not good right.

So let’s take a peek in the fridge. I came home. I had an appointment this morning. So I came home with the groceries, I placed everything on the counter and then I take out of the fridge everything that was there left from the last week. And then I clean the shelves, and I clean each drawer with wipes and towels and this process took me no more than forty minutes or thirty minutes. So if you keep doing it on a regular basis, your fridge will always be clean. You will always know what’s in there and always going to be organized and looking good, which is the best part of it. On a daily basis, you open your fridge, and it is looking good. So on the top shelf I keep all of dairy and juices, my energy drink and my nuts because I keep them in the fridge otherwise, they get staled fast.

And on the very top here I can keep the short containers like the blue cheese, yogurt or hummus. So it is easy to reach. This fridge is nice. It has this sliding shelf. So I can use the back of the shelf without having to take everything out. So friends I can just grab my pasta sauce left over from last night and just place everything back which is nice. If you don’t have that feature in your fridge, don’t fret you can still use it. Just take the juices that you most likely will be serving for dinner to drinks. And you can use the back of the fridge on lower shelves. They are cooler for your leftovers. Down here I keep this box. Its from the container store. It’s very nice, but any other tray will do, like a basket. But I like to keep things like the fruits, grapes, they come in bags, and then they spill in the fridge. And it becomes filthy and in one or two days you will start seeing that it is there.

And then I also keep our cheese because it comes in this cute container, but it is not spill proof. So sometimes we used to find the water of the cheese in there. The bread, now it’s gotten so warm and started to get spoiled easily like two three days and then was gone. So I keep my bagels and the sandwich bread in the fridge.

On this side, I keep all the dairy. It is a fixed shelf, so it is also nice because I know it is not going to be tumbling, and the kids are not going to to be pulling it out. And I can keep the milk and our juices and things like that. On this side, I keep another small container with half and the half and little bottles of milk for the kids to take for summer camp or school. And I also like a lot this tray because I can put the meat that is going to be used either today or tomorrow that we took out of the fridge of the freezer, and I place it up here and it doesn’t drip blood and it just filthy. So I keep them in the tray and keeps the fridge nice and clean. And I know all I need to do is to wash this dish here after I take the meat out. As you can see, there is a lot of beer going on here. No, we don’t drink that much. It is just that we have had a lot of celebrations like as you know my son’s and my husband’s birthday just happened. So we had some parties, and that is why it is here.

On this side, you can see butter is up here with the cream cheese and then I take all this out every week, and I just wipe the bottom. And here as well so it is always clean and easy to maintain. Containers like this one like the balsamic vinegar, it’s difficult because every time you use then it spills and the bottom become dirty.

So when I place it back it usually makes my shelf, my tray here dirty. So I think I have a solution just wrapping it with a paper towel and elastic band and make a little cup at the bottom. So everything stays here. So as you can see, it is pretty easy to keep your fridge organized and clean. All you need to do is take some time when you come back from your groceries and pull everything out quick, wipe with your wipes or with your soapy sponge, towel and dry it and place everything back.

Ok, I hope this helps you keep your house organized and clean. But most of all that gives you time to enjoy what you like to do in life. Ok, see you next week.   

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What are your favorite tips on how to organize the fridge?



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