Organized Way to Go Off to College

If you are heading to college after summer, first my congratulations! A very exciting time is about to begin for you and I still remember my first days in College as a Law student! It was a mixed feeling of “I can do it all” and “where should I start”, but with time, guidance and dedication all falls into place.

In my culture we don’t leave home early, being quite common to live with our parent until we marry. So, I didn’t have to worry about creating a whole new infrastructure of self-care, comfort, and safety when I started my university years. In the US and Europe however, it’s quite different and you’ll need many items that you took for granted at your parents home. To help you, I posted a very handy list to give you the upper hand when you’re off to college and shopping for your new room!

Here are 5 great posts to help you with your college moving time!

  1. College Dorm Checklist
  2. Organizing Cords
  3. Organizing Closet
  4. Moving Tips
  5. Linen & Laundry
  6. Organized for College
  7. College packing checklist – a free download

Get organized for college and enjoy a wonderful school year!


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